mamir gud mara The gourd seeds of mamir gud are quite large


mamir gud mara The gourd seeds of mamir gud are quite large

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I passed class twelve then. My maternal aunt died. So we all went to my maternal uncle’s house. One of my aunts came there.

My uncle is not very old. My uncle works in Dub business in Calcutta. During Kali Puja, he could not go with us because of his business. bangla choti uk

Mami’s age is a bit older than mine. Mami is thin and crackly. Her face is not good. The face is like a shell. The skin color is dark. I saw Mami and said – “How are you”?

Mami said – I am fine. Mami said to me – how are you? I called Mami – I am fine. After that two or four simple things happened. mamir gud mara The gourd seeds of mamir gud are quite large

During our Shraddha, Kittan Asar was held in the village. This time also Kittan Asar was held. It was Nara Medha Yajna. We were all listening to Kittan song. bangla choti uk

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Me and Mami sat behind everyone. It was light and dark there. We were talking about different things. The feelings between us were quite intense.

I put my hand on mummy’s back thinking I don’t know anything. Mummy didn’t say anything. We started talking.

For some reason, I put my hand on mummy’s back and realized that my hand was stopped by the strong hook of bra on mummy’s back. bangla choti uk

Mami looked at me now. She said to me – what is happening? I said – let whatever is happening. Mami smiled a little. Now Mami said – so between everyone. mamir gud mara The gourd seeds of mamir gud are quite large

My hand was still working. Seeing that Mami was not saying anything, I put my hand gently on Mami’s breast. This time, I saw that Mami was shaking a little. This time, I saw that Mami sat down.

I brought my hand from mommy’s breast to stomach. I poked the navel with my fingers. Now mommy put the cloth in such a way that no one outside can understand what we are doing.

At this time I brought my hand to Mami’s rope. Mami relaxed her body a little. I slowly untied the rope and placed my hand on Mami’s legs. bangla choti uk

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My hand continued to move. Gradually it touched the hair of mommy’s pussy. I kept one finger on the gourd of mommy’s pussy and started rubbing it slowly. mamir gud mara The gourd seeds of mamir gud are quite large

The gourd seed in Mami’s vagina is quite big. I realized with my hand that it was divided into two parts. Now Mami started shaking as she knew how to do it.

After a bit of rubbing, I inserted my finger into Mami’s pussy. This time, Mami spread her legs quite a bit. bangla choti uk

I started fingering mami a lot. Mami sat down and started fingering me. After some time mommy released water in my hand. I increased my speed.

Now Mami Choda was craving for food. This time she ate the head of shame and held my erect cock with her hands.

Even though mami looked bad, I was eager to fuck mami when she put her hands on my cock. Mami started peeling my cock and rubbing my cock with her fingers.

There is a proverb in Bengali Khadi-Pachi-Nurjahan-If you take off your clothes, everything is equal. Aunt whispered and said nephew – your camel is beautiful. mamir gud mara The gourd seeds of mamir gud are quite large

People next to us could not know anything, so we were talking very slowly. I said to mummy, let’s go mummy – we are going out. bangla choti uk

Mami said ok. Now I slowly got up and went into the back garden. I stood in the garden in the dark and waited.

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After a while Mami came to the garden. I took Mami behind a haystack. There was a light coconut tree. The tree was quite thick.

Probably the tree had fallen due to the storm. No one usually comes here. I made Mami lean on the fallen part of the coconut tree. This time I folded her clothes and lifted her up to her waist.

Now mommy’s pussy was exposed in front of me. Mommy was lying on the coconut tree in front of me. mamir gud mara The gourd seeds of mamir gud are quite large

The smell of mommy’s pussy made me crazy. I couldn’t stay anymore and started licking mommy’s pussy. bangla choti uk

Mami now grabbed my hair and pressed her pussy in my mouth. After a while Mami hissed and started to squirt water on my face.

After a while, mommy began to push my pussy. I got up without delay.

Now mommy pulled down my pant and took my cock with her hand. She shook it a bit and peeled off the bark of my cock.

After a few licks, my penis started to swell like a python. I thought that I can’t do it with mummy like Khanki. mamir gud mara The gourd seeds of mamir gud are quite large

Now I made Mami lie down on the coconut tree. After that I pinched her pussy with two fingers. Now I stuck my cock in the mouth of Mami’s cunt and slowly started to rub the shelled mani.

I see the water is dripping from mommy’s pussy. This time I kept the cock in the right place and hit it lightly. Some part of my cock entered mommy’s pussy. bangla choti uk

Mami squirmed with emotion. This time Mami started trying to hit her from floor to floor.

My king ram cut my pussy and entered inside her pussy. Mami now told me to cut my pussy. Your uncle can’t satisfy the hunger of my pussy.

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Make a canal in my pussy cude cude. I think my cock fell into some unknown trap. Mommy’s cunt was very hot. bangla choti uk

Mami’s anus was very tight due to her narrow waist. I was having a lot of trouble moving my waist.

Jen started biting my cock. There is a saying in Bengali that a girl with a narrow waist is a fucking cow. The thick material from my cock fell into my pussy under the pressure of my pussy.

I bent my waist a little and fell down. We ran away separately like a king in fear of the lock. Later, I fucked my aunt many times when my uncle was not around. bangla choti uk

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