Expect the Unexpected-3 – Sex Stories


Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-2 ). Now let’s continue

He screamed “yes I am dying for it”. She drew her sari further down and asked “can you see my full bosom now”? He said “yes, you have a very beautiful big bosom”.

She asked “better than your wife’s”? He said “yes, you are much more well-endowed”. She asked teasingly “you mean they are bigger than hers”.

He replied “yes by four inches”. She asked “when did you measure them”? He replied “I don’t need to measure them. It’s clearly visible and moreover you only said you use 36DD size bra”.

Still holding the pallu she said “Oh! Yes, I only told you. Shall I drop this down”? He excitedly said “yes, please”. She asked “And allow you to see my bare waist again”?

He screamed saying “Yes, that’s the part I am dying to see very badly. She asked “does it make you go crazy looking at it”? He said “Yes, that is the best part of a woman’s anatomy and it can make any man go crazy”.

She asked “And you want to go crazy seeing it”? He replied “Yes, yes”, he saw his mother slip the pallu out of her hands letting it fall to the floor. She asked “Happy” seeing his eyes pop out of their sockets.

He replied “You have a very lovely waist and your belly is so nice and beautiful. You are well built and your figure just below your belly is even more ravishing to look at”.

She asked “What about my legs”? He replied “I will come to them after I see more below your waistline”. She asked “What do you see there” as she started trembling with the pleasures of her peak arousal.

He said “The most sensuously alluring thing that a woman possesses”. She asked “And what is that” as she started to cream with her first orgasm in god knows how many years.

He said “The area below your tummy which curves inwards and ends where your legs meet is very tantalizing to see”. She teasingly asked “Even though it is covered”?

He replied “Yes, even though it is covered. It looks more magnificently translucent than being left bare”. “Why is it so” she asked. He replied “Because it tantalizes you even before you get to see it bare”.

She asked “and what happens after you see it bare. Does it not tantalize you anymore”? He replied “once if it is laid bare then your eyes will not have anything more to visualize and hope for”.

She asked “then what are your eyes dreaming of now”? He replied “to see one of the most sacred treasure a woman possesses”. She asked “so you call it a sacred treasure then what do you call this” as her hands cupped her own breasts.

He replied “they are very beautiful too but not as sacred, as nowadays it is a common sight”. She asked “so you have seen women go top less”? He said “yes I had the pleasure to see many during my overseas trips”.

She cupped her breasts saying “then you don’t need to see them right”. Bunty exclaimed “when did I said so”? She replied “I thought that’s what you meant just now”.

By now Bunty was horny like crazy, he said “no, they are different”. Nina asked “And how are they different”? He said “your fair complexion makes all the difference”.

She teasingly asked “so you want see them”. He exclaimed “Yes of course”. She said “But I never said that I would be revealing them”. Knowing very well that the show was possibly coming to an end, he said “I know but I hoped you will do”.

“You always hope for too much” saying this she pulled out her tucked sari from her petticoat and let it drop to the ground confident that the show had come to an end.

That was the biggest mistake that Nina now made. As soon as the sari fell to the floor, unknown to her she had let Bunty discover the wet patch on her petticoat.

Her petticoat had a sizeable wet patch as she had orgasmed a few moments ago and she was unaware that it had left behind a clear sign. Bunty jumped out of his seat when he saw the wet patch on his mother’s petticoat.

Though he had thought his mother was enjoying the show, he had never imagined that she would have orgasmed so quickly. This took the wind out of him and he leaned forward to have a closer look.

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