Kolkata Bengali Romantic Prem Panu Story


Kolkata Bengali Romantic Prem Panu Story

Rai, Dhruvajyoti looked at Radhika’s naked body with fascinated eyes.

After the sweltering heat of April all day, the sudden appearance of Kalbaisakhi in the evening, although the surroundings suddenly became very cold, still did not dampen the fire of inquiry inside Dhruvajyoti’s chest.

“Rai?”, Dhruvajyoti called again in a calm voice without getting an answer, her eyes filled with immense wonder.

If all the moles on Radhika’s back are joined together, a whole constellation is formed; And if the three moles surrounding the navel are connected by three straight lines, it forms a triangle.

And the navel then appears to be ‘The Eye of Providence’ in the middle of the Illuminati symbol! Dhruvajyoti felt that those eyes were like the all-seeing gaze of God, piercing her innermost soul deeper into her mind.

Entering more and more secret, as if those eyes are suddenly shedding all her latent desires… Dhruvajyoti can’t look at Radhika’s navel for long; He got dizzy in his eyes, he called Radhika to stop the dizziness

Dhruvajyoti has observed this posture of Radhika many times before; But I don’t know why on this rainy evening, this primitive desire of his woke up once again.

Dhruvajyoti realizes there is something different about Radhika’s body; Which he never found in any other girl before.

Love has come in many ways in life; Female copulation is detected immediately. Dhruvajyoti has a reputation as a magician in bed, a master at pleasing girls with hand manipulation.

But he never understood before that he can get so much satisfaction just by looking at a girl. Does that mean they were love and this is love? Whose calmness can be found in philosophy…

Dhruvajyoti looked intently at Radhika’s two swollen nipples that looked like buds of a newly opened flower; Well, can someone’s chest be so shapely? Kolkata Bengali Romantic Prem Panu Story

The question arises in his mind, ‘I have not seen it before! I knew such a perfect structure only on the artist’s canvas

The boy was lost in thought, ‘How many times have I put my hand on the chest of so many people, but I found peace first in your chest, Rai… What kind of motherly feeling do you have in your chest.’

But what caught his attention the most was the presence of a large red mole on the cleavage between Radhika’s breasts.

Not a night went by when Dhruvajyoti did not touch her lips to that red til and look into Radhika’s eyes. Radhika ran her hand through his hair and expressed her surprise, “What are you seeing Dhruv?

He got only a smile in return. Dhruvajyoti has a different connection with the eyes or the emotions

So does Radhika’s heart and eyes have an invisible connection with the red mole on her chest? Otherwise, why does the girl tremble every time she touches her lips there?

Why is the corner of the girl’s eyes wet like that? Dhruvajyoti once again plunged deep into Radhika while searching for an answer

A year has passed in their relationship; Their love is now a daily habit for them, even though they live at the same address, Radhikar remains to take Dhruvajyoti’s last name.

Even though twelve months have passed, Dhruvajyoti is still unable to unravel the mystery of Radhika’s body, each time seeming to get lost in a new maze and banglachoti.uk

But the girl’s body is nothing like that; Rather, compared to today’s trending curvy and bulky figure, Radhika is quite skinny.

Radhika remembers the night of their first meeting, when Dhruvajyoti was untying her underwear with her own hands, the girl cowered in shame, covering her chest with both hands, maybe she thought that her chest, which was smaller in weight and size than other girls, could not win the heart of a man like Dhruvajyoti.

Or when the boy’s lips sought refuge at Radhika’s neck, the girl was unconsciously afraid of what if instead of a piece of soft flesh, her hard collared sisters would be spitted by Dhruvajyoti’s spit. But how did all his bad thoughts turn so upside down in these few months?

Now Dhruvajyoti rubs her cheek against his chest every time she caresses him, just as babies lie face down on their mothers’ chests.

Dhruvajyoti rested his chin between Radhika’s swollen breasts and felt the soft, fluffy feel for a long time, then gently licked the dark brown shaft with his tongue.

Radhikar’s eyes watered with emotion, dimly she heard Dhruvajyoti’s voice, “Mother…?

Now Radhika does not suffer from any inferiority; The slender body like a doll no longer looks like a caricature next to Dhruvajyoti’s muscular body. Kolkata Bengali Romantic Prem Panu Story

Now every night of Sohag a work of Dhruvajyoti is regularly tied; At some moments of love, suddenly stopping and staring at Radhika… At first, Radhika was a little uncomfortable, ‘I thought the boy was crazy! Otherwise, who stops kissing and looks into the eyes?

But as time passed, Radhika realized that these are not madness, these are the love of Dhruvajyoti, a different kind of wild love…

Radhika therefore cannot reconcile Dhruvajyoti with other men from her past lives; There was arrogance in their love, there was intercourse.

But there is softness and comfort in the touch of the aurora, and it is this comfort and softness that people seek as they age…

Therefore, when Dhruvajyoti begins to feel Radhika’s feelings by fingering every pore of her body, she does not stop him; He understood that this is how the boy wants to rediscover his love every day.

Maybe one day Dhruvajyoti, looking at Radhika’s feet very carefully, touches her lips, then the next day starts measuring the height of her back.

Sometimes, in the middle of a serious discussion, Dhruvajyoti Khei gets lost while understanding the equation of harmony between Radhika’s teeth and the girl’s eye and lip movements…

Reaching out beside the bed, Dhruvajyoti turned on the blue-green neon light on the wall; It’s dark outside now

Dhruvajyoti has rolled well on the wet nature, looking at it for a blink and then turning his eyes to Radhika again, like the rainy environment he also wanted to soak Radhika…

Radhika is lying down with her left hand gently resting on her forehead with her eyes closed; He knows that Dhruvajyoti will now go down to look at him in detail, will want to penetrate deeper into his body, and will touch and feel with his fingers the places that his eyes cannot reach.

In these moments, Radhika noticed that Dhruvajyoti’s eyes closed, how the boy went into a daze, as if Dhruvajyoti measured the waves of Radhika’s heart with insight.

Radhika shuddered, Shitkar echoed on the wall, the sharp tap of the fingernails engraved on the lover’s broad back…

On the nights when the next day is off, Dhruvajyoti takes a long time to examine Radhika’s body carefully, looking carefully around the body to see if any new moles have been imported.

If he gets it, he sits down to discuss it in detail with Radhika. Radhika does not get angry even though the girl was annoyed at the beginning of the relationship, but now Dhruvajyoti does not let her sleep; Rather, a strange love plays in his body when Dhruvajyoti’s breath falls on him…

Now Radhika understands every touch of Dhruvajyoti, understands that everyone has a different type of love, maybe this is her type of love.

So when Dhruvajyoti counts the moles on Radhika’s back one-two-three, or when he is lost in thought when he grasps the girl’s breasts with his firm fingers, Radhika feels that all the veins and veins of her body may have converged at those two places, the blood becomes hotter. her

The flow then beats even the driest river in the world. Radhika feels very secure while Dhruvajyoti thinks, ‘May she hold me for life as she holds my breasts.’

In these moments of excitement, the hands of the clocks become horses; Radhika does not understand why time passes so quickly.

She waits for the moment Dhruvajyoti’s fingers will enter her through the wet birth canal, the perfect combination of index and middle finger, her body will shake with each gentle pressure, the pain will be relieved.

Radhika desperately wants time to stop here, let the manly fingers move inside her for a little while longer, but it doesn’t happen anymore. The body also calms down for a time after extreme excitement, when the heart wants to rest when the peak of emotions is over. Bangla chatty UK

Dhruvajyoti understood and brought out her fingers, Radhika gripped her lips on her forehead. The fingers that had been playing in Radhika’s private cavity for so long came down carefully on her head, Dhruvajyoti caressed her lover’s hair.

Yet even after all this, Dhruvajyoti does not finish understanding the depth of Radhika’s body; It seems that this mystery may not be solved even in this birth, “This light has entered your every pore as if it has illuminated the olis of the body for my viewing convenience.

Radhika doesn’t answer; He understands that Dhruvajyoti wants to discover her existence in her body, wants to write Radhika’s love at the conclusion of her story, collects the remaining emotions and dedicates it to Radhika’s name, so maybe Dhruvajyoti can watch her body silently for the whole night.

Well Dhruv, won’t you ever tell me why you look at me so much all night?”, Radhika now opens her mouth, every time we are intimate you keep looking at me in different positions.

My body is not as developed as your previous girlfriends, but what are you looking for by hugging it please?”

You know I have a motherly feeling towards you, Rai, which I never felt before!”, Dhruvajyoti knelt down at Radhika’s feet.

Three moles around your navel and one mole between your chest; I have found a link between them, Rai. So I understand?”, Radhika laughed, “Can you tell me that link?”

“Do you know what happens to the sperm after mating?”, Dhruvajyoti kept saying to herself, “Billions of sperm rush through the reproductive tract of the female body with the aim of a single egg.

Many sperm die on the way, it’s like survival of the fittest! In the end, one of the surviving sperm chooses one of its choice to create a new life. So do you understand how important the role of women in the existence of life? We men are nothing…”

Also when the ovum is fertilized and becomes an embryo, all its life force is connected to the umbilical cord through a pulse…”, Dhruvajyoti’s eyes flashed with a strange simplicity.

You don’t say Rai I look at your navel for so long what do you see in one hand? Actually I was looking for the existence of life!

My life also started from a navel, right? I used to call the possessor of that navel as mother, and in you I see my mother.

And then when the baby is born, it finds its home in the mother’s chest, the mother’s chest is its place of absolute peace.

And you are a copy of mother to me!”, Radhika did not answer; Just kept looking at Dhruva Jyoti silently, no she didn’t make a mistake in loving this man…

Don’t you say I get pleasure from seeing your skinny body? Why do I stop loving you and see you like that?”, the blue-green neon light is playing on Radhika’s whole body, making her feel more magical.

Looking at that, Dhruvajyoti said, “I am not looking for happiness in your body Rai, I am looking for my birth, my existence in you… I have lost myself and am looking for myself in you.

Radhika got out of bed and stood in front of Dhruvajyoti sitting on the ground; Her exposed navel came very close to Dhruvjyoti’s face, “Did you find anything sir?”, asked Radhika with a sweet smile.

Dhruvajyoti pulls Radhika close in his arms, wets his lips with the moisture of her plump birth canal, you look so beautiful in the neon light you know Rai!”

The loadshedding becomes sudden, the drizzling rain comes again to drench the nature with love. Kolkata Bengali Romantic Prem Panu Story

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