Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 1


Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 1

Rotten Rotten – Pooch Pooch Rotten – Pooch Pooch Rotten – Rotten Rotten Rotten Rotten.

Don’t fuck this little bit slowly. It’s very noisy.

If you fuck, there will be sound. What is there to slowly fuck? I am fucking my married bride. Who has to say? Did I go to fuck the next magi or not?

Ah, did I say that? I am saying that there are boys and girls in the next room and they will hear. Do you notice that they have grown up now? They might still be awake.

Wake up and sleep, what’s wrong with me?

I will fuck loudly, let them hear. Understand that parents are cheating.

Bokachoda is not ashamed to talk about my son and daughter?

Why Shali Shali? You know, I know a guy who fucks his own daughter.

He is not father or son. Can you hold your daughter and fuck?

Can’t say anything about the oath yet.

Does that mean you will fuck Soma if necessary?

But what I saw at this age of Soma that day, maybe I will fuck a girl one day.

What do you mean you will fuck your daughter? Shih and you secretly saw the girl’s breasts?

Not hidden, I suddenly saw it. Oh what mother has made Soma Magi at this age. Why should any boy’s hand nisfis for his mi tapa.

Ah ha ha. what a beautiful mother I don’t know how his pussy is.

Are you really her father?

what are you saying It is true that Soma was born in my vagina. Just like your pussy has been cut right, Sameer.

Sameer is really the son of my own belly. But now I doubt that she is your daughter?

Come on don’t talk nonsense. Soma is truly my own daughter. Actually, Soma and Sameer are not their own brothers and sisters. Soma’s father and Sameer’s mother have been married for just four years.

Soma’s mother died giving birth to her second child when Soma was only 5 years old. And Sameer’s father died in a motor accident. Sameer was 7 years old then.

After Samir and Soma lost their mother and father at a very young age, Sameer’s mother and Soma’s father were forced to get married.

After many years of God’s grace, they are married again and living happily ever after.

Soma’s father’s name is Shanu. Age is currently 42 years. And Sameer’s mother’s name is Shami. Age is currently 36 years.

After many years, Shanu and Shami are in love again. Many times they do not remember that their sons and daughters have grown up.

One day Shanu asks – Well Shami, do you remember the events of our first life?

Remember not to read again? I remember everything. Baba: You are still the slave you were.

The first day we had sex?

I said I remember everything. Babare Baba is he your fuck.

I gasped but your juice didn’t come. You fucked me for half an hour that day. I was also very relieved.

Now you say happiness is great. Were you not angry that day? I was scared.

Are you afraid? Why then understand and did not fuck me?

I had sex before your marriage. I was really scared that day.

You know, when Sameer’s father fucked me for the first time after marriage, I was scared. Realized that it was my fucking pussy.

Did not understand?

I didn’t understand it properly. But once he said – how do you feel?

I was saying – no girl these days has a tight pussy

First of all: – If you jump the screen bursts. Second: I used to ride a bicycle and the screen cracked. And thirdly: without worrying about when she will get married, the girl often puts a thick candle, pen, long eggplant and finger in her vagina and almost enjoys happiness.

Did you believe?

I don’t know, but I didn’t say anything else.

But Shami you fuck with some other people besides me. Can you deny it?

Look old Kasundi does not hurt. I can say that too – how many girls did you fuck at that time. You even fucked your own little sister.

I didn’t deny it. Rather, the day I used to kiss you, I used to tell all those stories with you.

To say but not to say the whole thing. For example, have you ever said that you fuck your little sister? I suddenly knew.

Well you know most of my stories. Now tell me some of your stories.

You will not be angry to hear?

I will not be angry, tell me from the beginning.

Listen then –

I was young then. Chest is like a guava, butt is like an inverted bowl. The vagina looks exactly like it does when two glasses are placed side by side.

Light golden colored sand on the vagina. Menstruation started a few years ago.

One day in the empty house, grandfather called me and took me home and hugged me. Then my breasts began to press. Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 1

Even though I tried to stop him, my grandfather did not let me go. Rather slowly my frock easer started to open. By then I was paralyzed at work. When Sambit returned I saw –

My grandfather and I are both Dhoom Nangto. Dada sat me on his lap and put his tatano nunu on my hips and pressed my breasts with both hands and sometimes touched my vagina. Inserting the finger in the vaginal hole is also giving a spasm.

I was very comfortable in his lap so I kept quiet with my eyes closed.

Then grandfather put me on the bed and half slept. And my ass was dangling over the edge of the bed. And the body lay on the bed.

I see my grandfather licking my vagina with his tongue. I comfortably held Dada’s head on my vagina with both hands.

Vaginal juice came out. And grandpa is licking that vaginal juice.

After some time, Dada got up and put his hard, thick cock on my crotch and gently slapped it. And that’s when Nunuta’s banana went in.

Dada lay on my chest and started to fuck me slowly by holding my breasts with both hands and pressing them.

I was squealing in pain but Dada put his tongue in my mouth and closed it. And with that Soman began to pat.

After some time, I felt that the pain was not happening anymore, but it was quite happy. Then I started patting it from the bottom to the top without my knowledge.

Dada understood and started to fuck loudly. I removed vaginal juice three times in a row. Grandpa keeps on patting.

For about 20 minutes, grandpa fucked me and poured his salty juice inside my vagina.
I can’t describe how comfortable it was to feel the hot salt inside my pale vagina.

That started. Since then grandpa started fucking me every chance he got. I didn’t say anything to anyone because I was so happy. The whole family chatty

Sometimes grandpa secretly gave me Bangla panu story books to read. A color picture of the fornication was also brought for viewing.

I used to read Bangla panu stories and watch pictures with great interest. And grandfather would also fuck me like those pictures if he got a chance.

Yelling, dog sitting, sitting, standing up.

When the house was empty, grandfather used me as his wife. I liked it very much. So I did what my grandfather said.

For a long time, I used to swallow the juice of my grandfather’s nipple without being able to fuck. Grandfather used to squeeze my milk and eat it. After a few years, I went to my uncle’s house with my mother. Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 1

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