Family Abuse Sex Story Part 2


Family Abuse Sex Story Part 2

At home it was a habit of getting fucked continuously for a year. What do you do at uncle’s house?
I decided in my heart that I will fuck my uncle and grandfather.

In the afternoon, I went for a walk with Mamato Dada. It’s that story and I’ve been talking rudely. Dada also agrees with my words.

When it was dark on the way back, Dada hugged me and kissed my lips. I also hold my grandfather’s nipples on the pant while kissing back.

Grandpa understands everything. That’s when grandfather entered a forest with me. Taking it there, Dada untied my pants and started fucking me. I also agree with that.

Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 1

Since then Dada has been fucking me every day I was there. And sometimes Mamat Dada used to come to our house. Besides, my own grandfather is a jerk.

For so long you have sex with grandfathers, you are not satisfied?

Did it happen again?

Six months after I fucked my first grandfather, my stomach was tied. No menstruation for two consecutive months. He took me in the morning under the name of going out one day to tell his grandfather.

Then I was taken to a nursing home and brought home in the afternoon. Since then grandpa gave me pills to prevent stomach upset.

But pills were not taken every day, I used to forget sometimes. As a result, the stomach is tied again. Dadai brought the stomach down again.

Cheating is going on in full swing. What my grandfather used to do with me when the house was empty is no more. He used to keep me close all the time.

He used to say – you are my wife, I am your allowance. Let’s look at the total now, standing with legs apart.

I used to stand with my legs apart as he said.

In this my face becomes doubly beautiful. As my ass is, so is my pussy.

Dada sometimes took me for a walk in the evening. We used to go to a secluded place or a park. Grandfather used to fuck me there. Grandfather bought me the first panty and bra, that is another incident.

He said that he would take me to Dada Jethu’s house. program of the day. Jethu’s home is in Assam’s Patawan town. Dada did not go there directly but halted the first night at a hotel in Alipurduar.

That night, except for dinner, the two of us spent the entire night as husband and wife. Dada fucked me 5 times throughout the night.

We stayed at the hotel till noon the next day. Except for eating time, we only made love and nangto.

I can’t count the number of times I have eaten Grandpa’s Bhara Chuse juice. In fact, grandfather also licked my mang and ate the juice.

Then I left by bus again. I spent the second night at the hotel in Barbisa. The same situation continued there. The next day I reached Jethu’s house.

I stayed at Jethu’s house for two nights and two days. Even there, grandfather took a chance and fucked me.

My elder grandfather also fucked me twice in two days. It’s the grandfather’s wish. I have read that grandfather also killed sister’s pussy.

Then I talked to you. I was very happy to see you. I fell in love with you. I was 19 years old then.

I really like to fuck. i get happiness Even more like committing adultery.

If you want to do me after 15-20 days of talking with you. And I couldn’t stop you either. I let him do so.

This time you, grandpa and my master Mr. Chudat. Master Masai was also the number one magician.

On the second day he hugged me and kissed me and squeezed my ass and made me crazy. As a result, I was forced to fuck her.

Master Bokachoda is busy teaching me to become nangto when the house is empty. At that time that master was not 40-45 years old.

They married me at the age of 23 so that I would not marry you. Sameer was born at the age of 24.

My grandfather is also married. As a result, I didn’t get a lot of sex from my grandfather. So I used to eat your cock every day.

After marriage, I did not have sex with anyone except Sameer’s father. Sameer’s father is not a bad guy. As a result, I forgot you.

As soon as Sameer’s father died, I again craved for food. I contacted you again after a few years.

So Subhasini, you have eaten a lot of cock?

I also accepted that. Now you tell your life story.

Listen to the story of my life? But listen –

I too have been hooking up since I was only 17 years old. I also had first sex with my sister. Unfortunately, I found out that the one I used to know as my sister is not my sister, but also a sister.

mean? Not sister and sister? So what is your relationship?

deeper My mother died when I was only 5 years old. At that time I had an 18 year old sister.

During this time or even earlier, father was fucking my sister. Didi’s daughter came in the father’s belly and I used to call her mother.

So, as a mother, sister’s daughter is my younger sister. 5 years younger sister than me.

At that time one day I suddenly noticed the beauty of Rama Nangto’s body. After taking a bath in the afternoon, Rama comes home, closes the door and wipes his body with a towel.

At that time I lifted the back curtain and went to take the lamp and that’s when I saw Rama in that state. Seeing Rama’s small body, I became still. What mother made Magi at this age. It is not so clear from the frock.

It seems that Rama Mai’s size will be 28 even if not then. And the ass is round like a pumpkin. Only the middle has been cut out with a knife.

At the same time, I saw Rama’s flower like bread. As if two oranges are kept side by side. It is covered with light curly golden hair.

I see my pants are torn. I moved slowly without carrying the country light. My addiction to cigarettes has broken. That’s where I pulled the cart and dropped the goods and came home. Rama did not understand all these things.

I felt a great sexual desire towards Rama, I thought how can I get him to fuck me. I thought to myself that I should fuck her.

Would you be afraid if your parents find out? What if Rama shouted then? After a lot of thinking and not getting cool, I finally left a Bangla panu story book under my pillow one afternoon and went out.

I know that in the afternoon, Rama will make my bed, change the pillow and fix it and read that Bangla panu book in Rama’s eyes.

I think Rama will read this Bangla panu book, he will also see some pictures of Karakari. Then what happens will be seen. I will take care of the situation then.

After evening I came home and took off my clothes and pants before sitting down to read, I removed the pillow and found that Bangla panu book was not there.

Fear is sudden. What if today’s mother fixes the bed? So I peeped into the room next door. I see that my purpose has been successful.

Rama was reading my Bangla panu book with attention. The house I came to did not notice.
I sat reading with a book like Annadin as usual.

Mother is cooking in the kitchen. Dad went to hang out. As usual, once everyone eats and sleeps. The next morning when I woke up I found my semen on the bed had been mapped.

I remembered that I fucked Rama in my dream at night. Throwing another sheet on the bed and covering the map, I saw the Bangla panu book on the table. I understood that Rama passed.

I read again and noticed that Rama picked up my bed sheet and wet the previous sheet with another sheet.

Mother said – did Rama pick up the washed sheet and wet it? It was published two days ago.

Rama said – I saw some stains in the middle of the sheet so I soaked it.

I realized that Rama had seen my cum stains. And so the sheet got wet. I decided today I will show Rama my tatano ram as an opportunity.

At noon Rama came home after taking a bath and sitting in front of the dressing table combing his hair. At that time I stood behind Rama and started reading my pants without underpants.

The growth is still looming. I deliberately let go of the pant to tuck in the pant legs and take off the lungi. As a result, the pants fell down from the waist. And my uncle has grown up.

In the mirror, Rama clearly saw my erect penis covered with black sand. How I pretended to be ashamed.

Rama cut his tongue and laughed. I hurriedly pulled up the pant and delayed it so that Rama could see Nunoo for a long time.

That day I left one more bangla panu book on the bed. When I came back and saw the condition of the book, I realized that Rama had read the book.

That night when everyone went to sleep, I quietly got up and opened the middle door to see what Rama was doing? Did you sleep? Family Abuse Sex Story Part 2

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