Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 3


Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 3

I saw in the dark there was a very slow humming sound. That means Rama was squeezing her pussy and releasing juice. Seeing this scene, I could not keep myself and came to my house and packed my things.

At one point I fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up with great comfort. I felt that my aunt was being sucked in her mouth.

I opened my eyes and in the dim light I saw Rama crawling between my waist and sucking my salt in her mouth. Bukhlam Magi’s pussy is burning.

Rama is eating my whole salt in his mouth like ice cream. As I was happy with it, my nunu’s head was getting rich.

But Rama remains as Dhum Nangto. I really want to touch her breasts. But I continued to be greedy.

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See what Rama does? It’s time for me to grow.

I thought – it is not right to throw the goods in Rama’s mouth on the first day. If he gets ghenna, Kandini may not want to suck Nunu anymore.

I suddenly turned back to my side as if I was falling asleep. And at that, Nunuta was torn from Rama’s mouth. And immediately, my salt water spilled out, and the sheet of examination fell off.

I squinted and saw that Rama was looking at it. After a while, Rama picked up my juice from the bed and put it in his mouth.

All my plans are coming to fruition. Next day at noon I found a folded paper on my reading table. I opened a small note.

It says – Sameer has a sister as you have a sister. And going out costs money, happiness is not found properly. Don’t think about me so much, think of me as yours. You will have no problem. I was invited to my room at night.

I read the note and jumped for joy, all my plans came true today. After the whole day’s accounting, everyone went to bed at night. Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 3

I slowly opened the middle door and entered Rama’s room. I see Rama lying on the bed. I went to the side of his bed and whispered –

Did you invite while lying down?

Rama smirked and hid his face and whispered – I have prepared the food as well as the invitation. And this food cannot be eaten in other words.

It is more comfortable to eat this food while lying in bed. I did not waste any more time and climbed into Rama’s bed.

Now hugging Rama and pressing her breasts with both hands, I started kissing her lips. Rama also started kissing me back.

Now I slowly took off Rama’s frock. I see there is no thread left in Rama’s body. Rama Dhum became Nyangto.

I pressed Rama’s full pussy. Rama also unbuttoned my pant and started squeezing my nipples.

I kept pressing her milk, pussy and ass like crazy. And with that I put my finger in the pussy.

Rama also scratched my nipples a little.

At that time I turned around and started licking Rama’s pussy with my tongue.

Then my unuta was hanging over Rama’s face. Rama quickly filled the mouth of the nun.

Cussing and kissing started. After about half an hour of teasing we both released our own juices. And both of us licked the juice of Dujanka and ate it.

Then I spread Rama’s legs and gave him a slap. In one fell swoop, half of the rotting ram entered her vagina.

Then I lay down on Rama’s chest and started sucking one of her breasts and pressing the other.

Rama hugged me on all fours and started kissing me frequently and I started kissing and kissing. Rotten rotten rotten rotten.

In between, Rama squirted her vaginal juice twice. I started fucking Rama hard. Rama started patting my cock from below waist level.

At one time, both of them drank juice. However, both were hugging each other. Since then, brother and sister started cheating.

After three years, suddenly one night we went outside to have sex and we were listening to some words of our parents.

Mother says – this month also did not menstruate. Tell me what will the boys and girls think if I am a widow at this time?

Father says – what will you think again? Poyati, it can be you and others don’t know that you are not my wife, you are my daughter. They know I am your allowance. But the fear of words?

No, father, I am saying that even after having so many big boys and girls, I will not be ashamed of them.

Dad – They will only understand that mom and dad are still good players.

Parents, I am very ashamed.

Dad – Shame on you. The first day I kissed you, you were very shy? Now your shame went into the hole?

Ma – you are a breed of mule. You fuck me despite being a mother.

Father – now tell me what I did wrong? How many magi would you say to father’s salt?

Mom – no dad, you did not make a mistake? I am really happy with your salty fuck. I think I am the happiest.

Baba – Ne Magi, get up now, won’t you pay attention? My baby can’t sleep without playing your mouth.

Mother – Nao nao eat my mouth.

So, so, so, so, so, sound started. Along with that, there was a sound of coat coat. That is, mother is dying and father is eating that death.
We hurriedly moved from there and entered the house and opened the door.

Then another day I came to know that I am father’s son but not mother’s son. I’m actually a brother. And Rama is the fruit of father and sister’s fornication.

From then on Rama and I became more reckless. I used to fuck whenever I got a chance. As a result, Rama had to throw up several times.

Rama got married when Rama was 20 years old. Now I am 27 years old. Even after Rama’s marriage I have fucked him many times.

By now I understood the reason why your eyes fell on Soma.

Shami said – what is the reason?

Bap ka beta sepai ka ghora. Kuch nehi to thoda thoda.


It means clear as water. Your father asked his own daughter for sex. You are the son of that blood. Why don’t you fuck your daughter?

I’m not talking about fucking, Shami. If Soma was not my own daughter, I would have fucked her.
I don’t believe you. Maybe someday I will hear that you have taken the honor of Soma.

Until now, another Leela has started at home unnoticed by everyone. That is, Sameer and Soma have started having sex.

Sameer – Your breasts and butt are very beautiful, sister.

You are the artist of Soma. Sameer says if your girlfriends also agree then bring them. I will make their tits like yours.

One morning Sameer and Soma are having sex. Having an empty house, they are having sex with their brothers and sisters.
At that time, Sanu and Sami came home and saw the boy and girl. No one can say anything. Instead, they move away from there.

Sanu said – then where is my bond? Now I can fuck Soma too.

Can you fuck your own daughter? Shame on you?

Why should you be ashamed? Rather, I would be happy to fuck him.

A few days later, Subashini came to know that Soma was three months pregnant. Sameer fucked Soma. Family Abuse Sex Story Episode 3

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