gay choti gay love sex story putki cudachudi


gay choti gay love sex story putki cudachudi

My name is Saikat age 21, I have to spend this lockdown at home in my village. As a new comer in this village, one does not talk well with anyone.

I used to sit on the chair in front of the house and press the mobile all day. Anyway coming to the main story. I have already fucked many men.

But since coming here it’s been 5 months since no man touched my manshal pacha. That’s why I wanted to eat my ass again and again.

There are quite a few men in this house who make my tongue water and even those younger than me make my ass itch. Chatty stories of gay sex

The environment of the village makes everyone young and old. The new house of the house next to us will be built, so the boys of the house started putting their hands together. gay choti gay love sex story putki cudachudi

While pressing the lips to kiss, I realized that Magi’s anger has gone away

I am sitting on a chair in front of the house and using my mobile as usual, suddenly I noticed a boy of this house (name Hridoy, age 19) He is wearing thin two quarter trousers due to which his height is clearly visible.

To work, he is going this way and then that way and his penis is swinging, it is clear that this penis will decrease to seven inches, and the penis will be 4 inches. I did not know that fathers grow up like this at this age.

My butt began to itch after seeing the cock swinging. I can’t take my eyes off the cock. How it started to become one.

She is working and I am enjoying her growth in my mind. He began to worry about what to do to get the increase.

Suddenly I saw that he was a little bit tired so I stood and watched the work, an idea came to my head how to make the cock touch my ass.

I started walking with the phone in my hand and came in front of him pretending to have a snack and dropped the phone from his hand. After a few days, he was touched by Bara.

I took the phone off the floor and gave it a rub on my ass, my heart stopped. I got up and looked at him and he gave a smile.

I came home with the phone. But my heart is not going from my heart, I wanted to call him home and say, Father, this manshal pacha fuck your cud. But I can’t say because everyone in the house knows me very well.

Devar is cutting Bhabhi’s hair and licking the skin of her pussy

There is a pond near our house and a guava tree lying beside it. I sit there every night and talk on my mobile and I like the darkness very much. So I was talking on the phone like every day. gay choti gay love sex story putki cudachudi

After a while Hridiya came and said no, my right hand was raised and started to tickle. I liked it, but without understanding him, I hung up the phone and began to say in a threatening tone, what are these?

As soon as I started talking she took out her cock and stuffed it in my mouth and started saying Shali will have fun watching it.

By saying this, he started slapping my face, his cock was swelling in my face. My throat is gone. 7 inches as long as I thought. And quite fat, I took out his cock with my hand for fun and said, Ahhhh, it’s such a big cock.

You can see how many times you have fucked, Maghi, that’s why your ass is so round like a balloon. By saying this, he started slapping my face again.

After some spanking he lifted my head and put his spit in my mouth and squeezed his cock in my mouth causing me to almost suffocate.

Then he pulled me up and started kissing my neck and started patting my ass with both his hands.

Then he pulled down my trouser and inserted a finger in my butthole and I shuddered. Hriday said Maghi ki pacha banaili re chutmarani the whole tree will enter.

I was in the peak of sexual excitement and no more words came out of my mouth, this time I took off his trouser, then he started kissing me and pressing his hand on my ass. Then he said to me, Maghi, this is your turn to fuck.

Saying this, Shala picked me up in her arms, so strong in her lap, she picked me up in her arms and said, Shali, what did you eat in the city?

He slowly inserted his cock into my butthole. I have fucked many men but no one ever fucked me like this.

If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 1

I was kissing with my hands around his neck and he was holding my ass and started to stroke me with lightning speed, only ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fak ahhhhhhhhh came out of my mouth.

After 10 minutes of fucking like this he put me down and then took me like a dog and started fucking me from behind and put his hand inside my mouth so that I couldn’t scream.

Slowly his speed started to slow down, then Hriday sat under me and started hitting my mouth with his cock, then he put his cock on my mouth and said,

I grabbed his cock with my hand and started sucking it as his cum started to come in. He fully gripped my head and his hot cum went down my throat.

Jah Maghi then slapped me twice on the cheek. Then he jumped into the pond. gay choti gay love sex story putki cudachudi

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