I fucked my stepmother and satiated my mother’s hunger for sex


hello friends my name is Rahul and I am from Dwarka in Delhi Today I am going to tell you how “I fucked my stepmother and satiated my mother’s hunger for sex”

My father had remarried because my first mother had eloped with someone else.

Papa is a very good businessman and we are also very rich, so he easily got a second wife.

And I knew that my other mom doesn’t love dad but his money. But it didn’t matter to me

I got another mother and my father has money, so why should I take tension!! (I fucked my stepmother)

But my other mother Aashika was hungry for money as well as fuck.

I often used to keep the identity of my father and mother’s sex. And that’s what I found every time

That father is not able to give physical satisfaction to mother

he is not able to quench the thirst of her pussy. Cause I adored my stepmom ’cause she could win hot

And looked very cool together. And he also knew very well that his second son likes him.

She often tried to warm me up Like just dropping your pallu while bowing down and showing your big

boobs coming out of the blouse. Or come and sit next to me and cuddle with me when I’m watching TV.

All these things used to make my penis erect and somewhere she also wanted to excite me.

but that day my cock got excited I made him lie down on the sofa and held both his hands.

Mother said – Son, what are you doing…?!!

I said – I am doing what you want…

He said – you know that I am married and I am your father’s wife.

I said – I know then what happened, come at night and become my father’s wife and become my wife during the day.

She laughed and said – Idea is a very good son.

I said – now don’t call me son, call me by name, I am your husband for the day

She spoke in a very loving and sensuous manner – Ok Rahul baby!!😘

And then I unbuttoned her blouse and took her big boobs in my hands.

I love her soft white smooth boobs I was rubbing my face in them and kissing them a lot. Mummy – a a a a a ah oh mmm mmm aa

I was pressing her very hard and I started biting her nipples too.

Mummy – aa it hurts… aa aa ahh ooh ooh

Then I slowly reached her injury and mixed her wet pussy with my wet tongue and started licking it.

Supper! Travel!! Soup.. sup.. sup… sup..!!!!

Mummy – aa aa oh yeh Rahul baby aa aa

Then I took out my 8-inch cock and suddenly inserted it in her pussy.

Mummy said – don’t insert suddenly… aa aa ooh yours is bigger than your father!!

But I didn’t listen to him and I had inserted my whole cock in her pussy.

I caught hold of their big boobs and started fucking Mommy by making them support me.

My sex drive had reached its peak and I was fucking him by pressing hard.

Mummy was saying – yes fuck like this, me yes like this!!! (I fucked my stepmother)

And I was fucking her just as she was speaking, I was fucking her very hard….

I had dug her pussy after fucking, I was fucking my mother very forcefully.

Both of us were having a lot of fun. I was also drinking her boobs and kissing her lips as well as fucking her and was enjoying the extreme orgasm.

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Then I lay down and made her sit on my cock and soon she started riding my cock.

She was hitting on my cock with her big ass and was giving full pleasure to my cock.

Every time she slapped her big ass on my cock, I used to get real orgasm

She was saying this while fucking me – Rahul baby you are having fun, neither are you having fun, baby

I said – I’m having fun!

Mummy – I am also having a lot of fun in fucking my king son…. ah ahh!!

And he increased his speed and he started fucking me harder. Both of us were having a lot of fun in this naked fuck.

I was also slapping his ass so that he would give it more forcefully on top of my cock and get himself fucked.

Whenever I used to slap her ass, she used to say – Don’t hit me… Rahul… I am going to choose, ha ha aa aah ooh ooh!!!

And then in no time I was about to ejaculate as soon as I was about to ejaculate she lifted her ass and quickly now took my cock in her mouth. (I fucked my stepmother)

My naughty mother drank every drop of cream of my cock. She took my whole cock in her mouth and ate all the semen.

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