I gave 2000 rupees after getting happy with small goods


I gave 2000 rupees after getting happy with small goods

The sky has been cloudy all day today, light rain has fallen a few times. Since it’s Friday, I don’t have office, so I’m sitting at home.

But I don’t feel good sitting at home, it’s raining, then none of the family is at home today, everyone has gone to attend the wedding of one of my relatives, it may be too late to come.

What can be done while sitting and reading? Now come to my introduction, my name is Ashiq, 49 years old, I have been married for 3 years now, I have a 2 year old son.

Actually, the reason for getting married at such an age is my family, they never bothered about my marriage, my money is everything.

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Meanwhile, no one understood that me and the girl who was always clamoring for sex. When I see a girl, I can’t control myself anymore. Whenever I see a girl, I feel like I’m going to make a halwa.

Many times even if I see a little girl, my heart stops. Before marriage I used to touch my hand 2-3 times every night and now I spend the night with my wife.

Although my wife is not that beautiful, but she doesn’t need to be beautiful during sex. Now coming to the actual incident, that day after everyone had left a girl came to our house in the evening.

It is the niece of the area who calls me uncle. I have known her for many years. She looks very beautiful. She may be 22 years old. I gave 2000 rupees after getting happy with small goods

A few days ago, she got married because of her son-in-law’s cheating, which makes her body feel dizzy. When he came to my house I asked him to come inside and he came and sat inside.

After talking for a while, he wants to know where everyone in the house is. I tell him everything, then he doesn’t want to sit anymore and wants to leave, but I want to stop him by talking, because seeing him, my heart stopped.

After some time, she wants to drink water, I came to give her water and threw a little water on her chest, she jumped up, removed the veil and started to wipe the water, because the neck of the shirt was a little big, some part of the milk came out.

My headache is getting worse. “I don’t want to miss this opportunity,” I said, taking a towel and wiping it.

She didn’t object any more, I touched her milk a little while wiping the water, her whole body was completely shocked. Then she says no need to wipe anymore but I say I am wiping and give her milk a squeeze.

He said what are you doing uncle I say I am loving you a little and he laughed and I understood that he is enjoying my pressure and my courage increased.

Then he said that at this old age you are coming to a small mall and you will not get anything free, I said what do you want and he said you have to pay money.

I said I will give it to you then I will fuck you as you want and she said ok, now who can stop me, I started milking my niece with both hands and biting her lips, she was touching my vagina with one hand.

Then I took off all her and my clothes, we both laid on the bed, started sucking milk and gave a finger to Bhoda.

Ugh, what fun is it to fuck a cock, I started going down slowly. I gave the cock and put it in.

I started to fuck that magi is also having fun, making uh ah noises. I am stroking and kissing her whole body with both hands and rubbing it. I gave 2000 rupees after getting happy with small goods

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After some time she said uncle you lie down and I climb up and fuck you, I lie down under him and sit on my bed and fuck me ah what peace.

My wife has never fucked me like that, I understand that Magi is very expert in fucking. We fucked for about 1 hour then he sucked my cock and took out my cock.

It was the first time in my life that I fucked like this for fun, when the fuck was over, I asked her how much I would give her, and she said that I fucked her so jokingly, I will give you two thousand.

I was also very happy to fuck him so I gave him two thousand rupees and said come again if you get a chance, he said ok and left. I will remember this beautiful fuck for the rest of my life.

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