If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 1


If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 1

In March 2021 again I went on vacation. However, another reason for going on vacation is “marriage”. Yes, my parents insisted on getting married.

I went to the country without seeing a way, but I decided in my heart that I would spend a few days pretending to see a girl and return to my mother and sisters well. Because I was afraid that if I get married, maybe my mother won’t let me fuck her anymore.

Anyway, the day I reached home, I asked my mother to sleep with me as usual. Mao agreed to one thing.

After finishing the gossip, we all finished eating together around 10 pm. Then everyone went to sleep in their room and I went to my room with mom.

After entering the room, I hugged my mother and kissed her on the lips, then I sucked for a long time and started kissing my mother’s forehead, neck, cheeks, ears and pressed my milk with my hands.

Ma also found me after a long time and offered herself to me again as before. And started kissing me like crazy.

Fucking my veiled mommy mom is shy like a new wife

After going on like this for 10/15 minutes, I took mom and put her on the bed. Then I told my mother that I will not marry.

I’m coming home just for you and if I get married I won’t be able to fuck any of you again. I can’t fuck others but I can’t fuck you.

Mom – who said you can’t fuck me if you get married, I’m yours, you can fuck me whenever you want.

I – still can’t do it like now.

Mom – Hmmm, it will be a little problem, so why don’t you get married?

Me – You should marry Sage Bhai first and then we will see each other.

Mother – you are worrying unnecessarily, nothing will happen and if you get married, you will get a new body and you can fuck her as you want.

I can do it but I can’t fuck you like now?

Mom – I will make sure that you can fuck me at least once a day.

I – how?

Mother said – I will make arrangements anyway.

Anyway, I got some relief after listening to my mother. I said to my mother, how about doing one thing, if I fuck her and you together after marriage, how will it be?

Mother – can she accept it?

I – I will arrange that, and I believe I can convince him.

Mom – It’s good if that’s the case, you won’t have any obstacles in meeting me.

I – Well, mother, did you tell the father that I asked to tell the matter?

Mother- Yes

I – What did father say?

Mother – initially refused to accept the matter but spoke in a somewhat soft tone when I told her that she would inform everyone about her affair (here we all knew that my father had an illicit relationship with a woman).

Me – then?

Mother – asks since when we are doing this? I told him everything.

Me – wow great, that means dad knows what we will do in this room now?

Mother – Yes

Part 1 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

Part 2 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

I – well, mother, I was not there for a long time, who are you? My friends and father’s friends always come and fuck you?
Mom – Hmmm they used to come sometimes, but I don’t enjoy their sex.

I – is it so, I understand to have fun?

Mom – Hmmmmm, said a lot, mom hugged me and kissed me.

I – well, if mom and dad want to fuck you together, will dad agree and do you have any objection?

Mother – Why would I have any objection, but I doubt whether your father will agree or not, still I will try.

Well, now shall I just talk, I haven’t seen your treasure for a long time, I haven’t fucked you first, then we will talk about mother and son for the whole night.

Me – not now when I entered the room with you, as the erection became erect, I also took off my blouse and started pressing and sucking my milk one by one and mom started pulling my dick up and down.

Mom – After how long you are caressing me again, whatever I feel good, press and suck them well. See how the fingers have become hard by the touch of your face.

Me – I have suffered a lot for so long, every moment I imagined you and took out the goods and sometimes I fucked girls from different countries but I never got the taste of fucking you.

Mother – so or not? How many people fuck there and there it seems to cost a lot of money, right?

Me – Hmmm I am telling you everything when I am fucking whom.

Mom – Hmmm, Mom lowered her face and licked my dick gently with her tongue and I shuddered.

Mother – Why did you jump like that?

Me – After a long time again I felt a great thrill when you put your tongue on my vagina. Give it a good suction.

Mother – only I suck you do not suck?

Me – sucking, we took 69 position and put my money in her mouth and I started licking her pussy.

Mao shuddered and said after how long your face felt in my pussy, your friends can’t even suck well. I will not fuck with them from now on.

I – so or not?

Wait tomorrow I will show them fun, I put my tongue in my pussy and started sucking it.

As my pussy got a little slippery in my sucking, I inserted two fingers inside the pussy and started licking and sucking the clitoris of the pussy with fingers.

In this way for about 20 minutes I sucked my mother’s pussy and mother’s dick, then I put my mother in doggy style and took a handful of mother’s hair from behind and slowly inserted my dick and started pounding.

I saw my pussy became very slippery with juice and spit, my money was going in and out effortlessly. I asked my mother…

Me: Well, mom, I told you everything about who I am fucking and who I want to fuck. Are you angry with me that I am?

Mother: Is it a little?

Me: Why? bangla sex story

Mother: I was very angry the day you told me about the first sex. If I had found you, I would have killed you.

But when you told about your problem, you were very sympathetic. If something really bad happens to you at this age, then it is a problem.

So when you talked about your disease and told me about sex, I couldn’t help it.

If I do not come to your benefit as a mother, then who else will come, so I did not forbid you. But now I get very angry if anyone talks about fucking someone other than me.

Me: Only I know how good mother you are. I am struggling with speaking. Mom how do you feel my fuck? If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 1

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