If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck part 2


If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck part 2

Previous episode – Mother and sister won’t let you fuck if you get married, episode 1

Mom: ahhhhhh uhhhhhh it feels great honey ahhhhhh ummmmmm jode jode chod.

No one can fuck like you. You can fuck very well. Ahhhhh my pussy has not been fucked like this for a long time.

Me: Ok mom said I started beating more and more.

After doing this for 10/15 minutes, I lied down and put her legs on my shoulders and in one stroke I inserted the whole dhon into her pussy and started to fuck her.

Mom just kept on whistling ahhhhhh ahhhhhh and ahhhhhh uhhhhhhh. I asked my mother again with a kiss.

Me: Well mom do you want your other boys to fuck you?

Mother: I didn’t want to before but now I want to fuck them too.

Me: Shall I arrange?

Mother: How?

Me: Do you want to say?

Mom: Hmmm, that’s good if you leave, she can give me pleasure, then I don’t have to be fucked by outsiders and your friends.

Me: Don’t worry I will try to manage sage brother first. And you don’t have to fuck anymore from my friends.

I made a deal with them that they would arrange for one of his sisters and the other of his mother to fuck me, if they couldn’t do it then I would ban them from coming home.

Mother: Well, their mother and sister are very beautiful?

Me: yes mom very beautiful and sexy. I keep hitting my mother between words. And understand that I will get out. After a few more thrusts, I held her tight and started pouring hot cum into her pussy.

Mom: Relax ahhhhhh after how long your hot cum is entering my pussy.

Part 2 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

Me: I also feel very good mom after a long time again I filled your pussy and filled my pussy.

I lay like that on my mother’s body for a while until the money got smaller and came out of my vagina.

When my cock came out of my pussy some of my cum rolled down my pussy. I hugged my mother and lay down. And I continued to talk.

Mother: Baba, how many pedas poured, my pussy was completely filled. If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck part 2

Me: It’s been a long time. Well, when will you tell your father about me?

Mother: I will tell you when I get a chance. And tell your brother about us.

Me: You don’t have to think about that I will arrange it because I will.

Mother: Well, who will you kiss again?

Me: To my daughter, to Sage Bhabhi, and to my two friends’ mother and sister.

Mother: Well, do you fuck your mother-in-law or not?

Me: I will fuck you if you get it.

Mother: We are going to see a girl for your brother tomorrow, will you go?

Me: Yes of course I will. When will you go?

Mother: I will eat and rest after lunch and then go out.

Me: Ok I started playing with Ma’s body again.

Mother: What the fuck again?

Me: no matter what you say mom, after so long I understand that once is the end of sex, never tonight I will fuck you whenever the money is erect but now I will fuck your bottom.

Mother: Don’t do this, it hurts me a lot.

Me: It won’t hurt, I’ll do it slowly, please?

Mom: After you left, I didn’t let anyone fuck me. I can’t ban only you. But I will see that I do not get pain.

I put my mother on the bed and then smeared vaseline on her butt and spat on my cunt.

Mom: Omahhhhhh it’s slowly coming in.

Me: It’s already entered and it won’t hurt again so it entered a little more to press a little.

I slowly increase the speed of the tap and mom just screams ahhhhhh slowly dey hurts. I began to press the pads of my ass.

Mom is ahhhh ahhhhhh uhhhh uhhhh in pain. I increased the speed of the thap and fucked her for a while, then again in doggy style, I put the money in the pot and started fucking her.

With each stroke mom screamed and mom’s milky milk sloshed. I was very happy to see.

I fucked my mother in this way for about 20 minutes when I realized that my material would come out, then I lied down and put the money back into my vagina and fucked again for about 10 minutes. My malay ma filled her mouth completely.

Mother is lying down with her eyes closed. After wearing all the clothes, I lay down next to my mother. Mom said-

Mom: What are you doing? Now I have to go outside to wash my face.

Me: Impossible, you stay like this all night without washing. I will watch them dry here.

Mother: What an uncivilized boy, father, I feel very bad when you stop me from washing my face.

Me: After some time everything will be fine. Now take some sleep and I will fuck you again at night.

Mother: Chudbi again, what do you say, do not sleep?

Me: nahhhh I already told you that I will fuck you all night long whenever the money rises. Now sleep quietly.

Mother: ok whatever you want.

Along with my mother, I also did not know when I fell asleep. I suddenly woke up after hearing the call of Fajr. I quickly woke up my mother and said, “Why didn’t you call me at night?”

Mom: I didn’t wake up after wiping my ears.

Me: Now quickly suck my money well I will fuck you one more time I put my money inside my mouth and keep on throbbing.

Seeing no other way, Mao began to suck and in no time Dhan was fully erect and hard.

I immediately laid her on her side and behind her, I put one of her legs on my body and put my money in her pussy and started to fuck her.

(Needless to say, I can fuck for a long time in the morning without wearing my clothes easily) I keep beating my mom. Mom is shouting ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhh.

A loving caress of a widowed daughter-in-law to a father-in-law

I am thrusting mother with all my strength mother is screaming with every thrust and the bed is moving.

I fucked my mother for about 20 minutes and then put the whole money in her pussy again and again, I was fucking so hard that my money was bumping in her vagina.

After 15 minutes of sex, I saw that there was no name of clothing, then I got down from the bed and brought my mother to the edge of the bed and spread my legs on both sides and started pounding again.

Mother is surprised, she is fucking me, she is not saying anything, I am fucking and I am not paying attention to anything else At one point mother said-

Mother: Now it’s morning, I have to make breakfast.

Me: Don’t stay a little longer today or everyone will have breakfast a little late.

Mother hugged me and slept for another 30 minutes saying ok. If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck part 2

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