If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 5


If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 5

I took off the saree from her body saying ok. Then I kissed my mother for a while and pressed the milk. Dad was sitting on a chair watching us.

I sat my mother on my lap and squeezed her milk and sometimes I touched her breast. Mao started shaking my treasure with one hand.

I slowly took off my blouse and then my petticoat and pulled it off completely.

And as mother unfastened my lungi, I lowered it with my hand. At that time my treasure was very hard and erect. Dad’s eyes widened when he saw that. And looked with laughter.

I asked my father-

Me: What father do you see?

Dad: Yours is very thick and long.

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Me: Hmmm, if not, are your wife and my mother crazy about my fucking? And besides mother, many more are slaves of my wealth.

Dad: Hmmm I understand why everyone is so mad about it.

Me: You are right, I returned to my work.

I made my mother lie down and started licking my bhoda. Mother started crying happily. After 15 minutes of licking my bhoda, I showed my money to my mother and mother took it in her mouth and started sucking it.

Seeing all this, the father got a little excited and started scratching his hand. Mother showed me and started smiling and I smiled too.

Mother quietly said that after some time your father will join, you start, mother got angry and spread her legs and slept and I put the money in mother’s pussy and started fucking.

I fucked my mother in different positions for about an hour and a half. I cumed inside my mother’s mouth during sex and mother ate it all. Then I went to bed tired.

Meanwhile, father also became very excited. As soon as I removed from the mother’s body, the father began to put money in the mother’s vagina.

I say dad don’t fuck slowly then you will have fun and mom too. Baba then started fucking slowly but could not hold it for long.

After 7/8 minutes, he released the material inside the mother’s vagina and put it on the mother’s side.

We lay down for a while on either side of the father and son, leaving the mother in the middle. And I started to rub my hands all over my body, pressed milk, fingered my pussy, and Baba watched me.

I took a break for a while and told my mother that I will take your real test now.

We lay down and mom got up and dad started sucking my dick again. Within a short time, our father’s wealth is very steep.

Then I told father you lie down then I said to mother you now climb on father put his treasure in your vagina and lie on father.

Then I said to mother, now you get on top of father and put his treasure in your vagina and lie on top of father.

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Mother did as I said. I then told father you hit slowly and I will hit mother from behind. Today I will put money in both the mother’s holes at the same time.

To see how much Magi can fuck today, I put some spit on the mother’s hips and first took some free with my fingers and then slowly inserted the cock into the mother’s hips.

I said to my father, you tap and I will tap and slowly increase the speed. Dad also started to spank mom as I said and I started to fuck her bottom.

Slowly both of them increased the speed and started fucking while mother was breathing heavily and whistling.

I went, my stomach burst ahhhhhh ahhhhhh uhhhhhhh Mago Harami’s children started together in father’s house, how can I take two treasures at my age? Without listening to the mother’s words, we are stuck in a heap.

After 20 minutes of fucking, I told father that you are going to fuck your butt and I will fuck your pussy, we changed positions. I am below and father is above. Udam Chodachudi started again.

After another 10 minutes, father said I think I will come out. I said then you take a break and I kissed mom for some more time.

At some point, the father rejoined and the double drumming started again. After another 15 minutes of sex, the father poured sperm inside the mother’s vagina and took out the money.

And I got up and put mom in a doggy style position and started fucking. After 10 minutes of fucking like this, I poured the material inside the mother’s pussy. Then father, son and mother hugged and slept.

I ask father-

Me: Dad, how did you feel?

Dad: I fucked your mother well after a long time. And I didn’t know that it was so much fun to fuck together. I used to fuck your mother along with my friends to know.

Mother: I also took these two treasures together for the first time. After a long time, I got real pleasure. If only I had had this kind of shit earlier in my life, I wouldn’t have had to suffer so much.

Me: You don’t worry mom, dad since it was fun to fuck once, I will fuck you every day as long as I am alive. I will fill the rest of your life with happiness.

Dad: What will happen when you leave?

I want to throw the goods in the sand of Kakima Bhodar and smell the smell of puss

Me: don’t worry i will beat saj bhaiyya for fucking mom.

Dad: Will he agree?

Me: One can’t help but listen to sex, even if he is a mother, he will want to fuck and once he enjoys sex.

Want to fuck every day.

Mother: When will you tell him?

Me: I will tell you tomorrow.

Talking like this, it was almost dawn when father and I kissed mother again. Then after sleeping for some time mom and dad got up and went to their room. And I started thinking how to tell sage brother about mother.

Anyway another day passed like this. If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 5

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