Sex with Gude Bal Wali Magi on Holi 2024


Sex with Gude Bal Wali Magi on Holi 2024

Today is Holi of 25th March 2024, I am now back home from Kolkata. I suddenly remembered an incident exactly one year ago on the phone of my neighbor’s mother-in-law.

If I think about that day, even today I can’t control myself. What happened that day on Holi?

I live alone in a flat of my own in South Kolkata due to my job. My office was in Kolkata.

I am a bachelor, there is a lady living in the building in front of us, age around 28-30. I was 23 then. I don’t know why since childhood I have a weakness for girls older than myself.

I see Boudi sometimes. Boudi is very beautiful, fair, a little fatty type. I have a weakness for boudi. I keep looking for many excuses to talk to Boudi. Boudi’s words are base desent and misty type.

But Boudi’s eyes say otherwise. There is a kind of attraction in Boudi’s eyes, as if he is asking for something. I had a good relationship with Boudi, I had a lot of desire to fuck Boudi but I didn’t get the chance.

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My flat and windows and Boudi’s room and door facing each other, Boudi showed many things from a distance, I calmed down my growth in Boudi’s imagination. Let’s come to the real story.

Last Holi day I was staying alone in the flat. My As Pass friends came to my flat and painted me. I closed the door and saw that lady looking at my flat through the window. He winked and smiled. I pointed out, you do not play colors?

While saying this, Boudi’s husband and some of his friends came to Boudi’s house. The bride painted. I am working in my room. After about an hour, I saw that they all left, even the husband of the widow.

An idea came to my mind. I bought paint from the nearby shop and went straight to Boudi’s house. When I knocked on the door, I looked at Boudi and said, I thought I would paint you, but you have already painted.

Boudi: Yes, my groom and his friends came and left.

Me: Oh then what else am I going to do.

Boudi: No, come in, make a misty face.

Me: Ok

Boudi went to bring sweets. Except for Boudi’s nightie, all visible parts of the body are covered in red and green colors. I said with a sweet face, I will paint you now.

Boudi: Everything is filled with color, and there is no place to apply color.

Me: Have sex with Gude Bal Wali Magi on Holi 2024

Boudi: Where?

I went forward to Boudi and poured the color in my hand and smeared it with water, I knelt in front of Boudi. I put my hands under the bottom of the nightie and spread the color straight up to the Thai, Boudi closed her eyes.

I applied the color on my hands again and came behind Boudi, put my straight hand over Boudi’s nightie and put all the colors on the back.

Boudi: Devil boy, go home now. Finished painting?

Me: Now there are some more places left.

Boudi: Nothing else. My son is in front. Please no more…

I came behind Boudi and put both hands straight inside to rub the paint on Boudi’s throat. Boudi said, what are you doing? Leave it please. I took the milk in both hands and smeared it well and pressed it on that excuse…

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Boudi said, please don’t leave me again.. I again took the color and lifted the nighty of Boudi to the waist in one stroke, put my hand in the back of the panty and smeared the color on the butt and back.

What a smooth skin.. I didn’t want to leave it. Boudi’s white and fair body looked more attractive in green color.

I thought this would probably work soon. But Boudi said, go now. There is a lot of your drama and coloring. I said there is still some left.

Boudi did not listen. He said, now I am getting angry, but he told me please. go to I left. Come to your flat and paint your body.

After having lunch I went to sleep. In the evening the bell rang in my room. Opened the door. I saw Boudi standing in front of me with a serious face.

Me: What is Boudi?

Boudi: What you have painted, is not rising. I will be in trouble if my husband sees it

Me: He hasn’t returned yet?

Boudi: He is back but he is sleeping after drinking so much

Me: Come in.

After the mother-in-law came in, I said open the nightie.

Boudi: What are you talking about?

Me: Otherwise the color cannot be picked up. Sex with Gude Bal Wali Magi on Holi 2024

Boudi: I have brought another nightie with me, will take bath later. I entered my bathroom and turned on the shower. I picked up the color by rubbing the Thai soap of Boudi. I asked Boudi to open the panty. Boudi was shy and said, “I didn’t come.”

I am slowly lifting Boudi’s nightie up, Boudi closed her eyes and turned back.

I started to rub the soap in the milk, then I began to press and shake the milk vigorously to remove the color stuck to the milk.

With reading the pressure of my hand, Boudi’s breathing is swelling, it seems that Boudi is suffocating. Many times after Chester, the color rose to 90%.

After that, one part remained in the body, that is Boudi’s fair, thick, soft, 36 size ass. I said to Boudi, doggy style boso.

Boudi looked at me with anger and shame once. I said, do not know Dagi style? Do not understand a day?

Boudi sat in a digi style without saying anything. After playing with Boudi’s body for a long time, my treasure has become erect. After sitting in Boudi Doggy style, Boudi’s fair size 36 dudu are hanging but I don’t have the courage to move towards it.

I started to wash the paint off the aunt’s ass.

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I lost control over my hands. Both hands are going to the cleavage of Boudi’s ass again and again. I started to use two fingers to cut the woman’s ass.

His body moved slightly but did not say anything. I slowly brought my hand to the hole of the ass and began to rub it. And my eyes fell on the two bags of Boudi.

I took two hands and started pressing hard. Boudi is looking for something with her hands behind but I don’t understand what she is looking for. I devilishly touched my treasure in the hands of Boudi. Then I realized that this is what Boudi was looking for.

By pulling down my pants, Boudi Dhan started shaking with her hands. My eyes fell on Boudi’s hair covered pussy. I did not understand that it is soaked in water or juice?

Thick haired pussy is my favorite. Those balls are all wet. I saw water dripping from the vagina. The hand grew towards the vagina.

I moved my finger a little along the slit of the vagina. Boudi moved her waist, and took my hand and inserted the middle finger into Boudi’s pussy.

I did not let go of the head from the back of Boudi and began to push the tip of my body between the two legs. Boudi lowered the waist.

I lay down on the bathroom floor. My head was on the bathroom floor, my face was up and my pussy was covered in thick sand soaked in boudi juice.

This smell is not new to me. I started to get drunk on this smell and started to suck Baudi’s pussy. I began to insert and withdraw my body into the hot pussy.

Boudi moved her waist and started rubbing her pussy in my face. I can’t see anything just feel and smell. I raised both my hands towards the distance of Boudi.

I began to press hard and hard. I took the nipple between two fingers and started wiping it. Then I put Boudi in doggy style and began to rub my money on Boudi’s ass hole. He is not saying anything, only breathing loudly and moaning sounds are heard very slowly.

Boudi took my money from behind and set it in her pussy, and before I knew anything, I pushed my waist back and took my fat money in Boudi’s pussy.

I started tapping slowly without hurrying. After that, the speed of moving my wife’s ass slowly increased from the speed of my tap and the mother’s moaning started to transform into a scream.

I started giving deep strokes instead of full speed. Boudi’s fat ass began to rise with each stroke and the milk began to swing. I increased the speed this time.

My pussy is wet with the juice of boudi and is getting bigger and bigger. Boudi Bes started to scream loudly Uffff aah ah ah ah ah.

I don’t know what has happened to me today, I have been walking but I don’t see any chance of getting out of my wealth. Suddenly I felt that the inside of Boudi’s pussy has become more free and more slippery.

I understand that Boudi has lost water. But even Boudi is swinging her waist with stamina like before, which means she is still hungry.

I saw the stain. With both hands, I am giving the soft ass of Boudi a flood of water, and Boudi doesn’t even know how many times the water has flowed. Now I held the hanging milk with both hands and started moving the waist more forcefully.

Now my lower abdomen is tuning. I realize I don’t have much longer. I increased the speed, Boudi also understood and started to move the waist more and more.

Boudi Boudi Boudi Boudi Ah ahh ahh I can’t go anymore.. I can’t anymore.. ah ah ah ah ah ah I’m done ahh I’m done. I flooded Boudi’s pussy with my hot thick cum.

Boudi also fell on the floor of the bathroom with his body in extreme satisfaction and me on it. After that, I started showering in the bathroom and started bathing together.

Boudi hugged me and pressed both lips on my lips.. I started responding….

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Looks like we’ll be smooching like this for the rest of our lives…. Even after that Holi day, we became intimate with each other many times.

I have been intimate with many women but I have never been so happy and satisfied with anyone. We used to have sex all night when my wife’s husband used to come back after drinking.

All night does not mean one hour or two hours. Whole Night Night Till The Sun Rises. On the day when her husband went out for some work, I used to play with each other all day and night.

There was no covering on the body. In the kitchen, bathroom, floor, bed, balcony, roof, dresser, drawing room, we have left no room to choose as a place for sex.

I don’t know how we had sex. To complete our sexual intercourse, I placed a copper ‘T’ in her uterus. She requested me many times to give me a baby but I just didn’t fulfill her demand. Sex with Gude Bal Wali Magi on Holi 2024

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