kakima panu kahini physical intercourse with fat kaki


kakima panu kahini physical intercourse with fat kaki

Gayatri Devi, the only Bihari aunt in our neighborhood, our neighbour, used to rent in our house but now rents another house in our neighborhood after it has become a flat.

Today, the mother of nine daughters wishes to be the mother of a son. I had a special attraction for Gayatri Kaki since childhood, Kaki was also good looking

Kaki’s figure was also great, Kaki used to have a little open fair at home, when Kaki wanted, I used to see Kaki every day, but that was twenty-five years ago.

Now Kaki is 50 years old, her last daughter was born four years ago, Kaki is now very fat, all the girls are married except for the three youngest.

I went to Kaki’s house and found out that Kaki has been suffering from acute eye problems for four months and today is almost blind, can see a little under high power light or sunlight.

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The previous 38 size tight dudus have now come to the belly, the hair on the head has grown a little, but the body is now relatively fat.

Although she looks beautiful, in these few years Kaki has become much older than a 50-year-old Bengali bride.

Now coming to the real incident, last week all the aunts were invited to my Jethu’s annual function, but as no one came, I took their food parcels and went to aunt’s house at half past three.

Calling my aunt’s name, aunt looked out the window and gave me the gate key.

I opened the gate and closed the door and entered the house and gave the parcel to aunty. Aunty said I will put it in the fridge. Father, I cannot see well now.

I was leaving, aunt said, choose a little mirror, sit near me, let’s talk a little, how long have you come, now there is no one, I feel very lonely at home.

I listened to Kakima and went to Kakima’s side and sat on the bed and started talking. At that time, the younger daughter of the aunt woke up and began earnestly to suck the aunt’s breast and drink milk.

Kaki’s maxi button was unbuttoned, Kaki lay on the bed in front of me and started feeding the girl with a breast and started talking to me.

After a while, when the sister fell asleep, I took the teat from which the sister was feeding, and pressed it a little, and the milk came out.

I couldn’t control myself anymore and started sucking the mite straight in my mouth and started pressing it inside the maxi.

Kaki did not stop me, patting my head. I said aunty please don’t touch me.

Turning towards me from the direction of my aunt, I drank milk from her breasts and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Kaki said Chayan first take me to the bathroom and hold my hand, now the balcony light is bad so I can’t see at all. kakima panu kahini physical intercourse with fat kaki

I held her hand and took her to the bathroom and stood behind her. Kaki rolled the maxi up to her waist and sat down in front of me.

When you get sick, aunty said, father, drink a little water and give it. I took water in my hands and washed the pussy with my hands.

Kaki said father should not touch men after girls there. Kaki I am your nephew, your own man, so I gave my hand as I spoke, I started rubbing my fingers on Kaki’s cunt.

Kaki hugged my neck and said, don’t do it baba, take me home but Kaki didn’t remove my hand from her pussy.

I put my fingers in my aunt’s vagina and took her out of the bathroom and held her against the wall of the balcony and said, “I like you so much, can I caress you a little now?” Kaki after being silent for a while said yes but please take home first your sister is sleeping alone.

I hugged Kaki and placed my lips on Kaki’s lips and started kissing her. Kaki also hugged me to kiss me. While kissing, I started fingering Kaki’s pussy with my right hand.

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Kaki’s sex started rising, then I kept pressing Kaki’s juicy breasts with my left hand, still a little milk came out and Kaki’s maxi started getting wet, meanwhile Kaki had a lot of sex.

I said to Kaki, now let me drink some more of your milk, Kaki. Kaki said while she was getting cold, please lick my bottom honey, I can’t take more milk from aunt’s breast at this old age.

Saying that I will eat milk and pussy too, I lifted Kaki’s maxi on my waist and put my face on the pussy and started licking it.

Kaki pressed my head to the pussy as I moaned comfortably and I started licking the pussy harder. Within minutes, Kaki released the juice in my mouth.

Kaki calmed down after I licked all the juice. Now I got up and hugged Kaki and started kissing her. Kaki kissed me passionately. After kissing for a long time, I took off Kaki’s maxi.

I took off my pajama panjabi and undershirt and sat on the floor and hugged Kaki on my lap. Kaki said, Chayan, why did you become Langto yourself and sit me like this on your lap.

I said, aunty I can’t control myself seeing you long please let me fuck you well once

I have dreamed of kissing you for a long time, since I was a child, I have been dying to see you, today when I got the chance, please don’t say it. I started kissing Kaki’s neck, chest and neck.

Kaki patted her head and said, Chayan, don’t kiss me, father, it will be a sin for me, I think of you as a son, you eat my milk, what you do is fine, but please don’t fuck me, it should be done only with the wife.

I told aunty that you don’t want to be the mother of a boy, uncle couldn’t give you a boy, I will give, you will take my baby. Only one thing worked, aunty didn’t stop anymore. Aunty said that Chayan will not have any more children. Doctor said that my menstruation stopped a few months ago.

Kaki, don’t be so afraid, I will bring you medicine, take it, your period will start again, then you will be the mother of a boy with my semen. kakima panu kahini physical intercourse with fat kaki

At last, aunt agreed and told me to take all the clothes and go to the house and do it there, my sister is sleeping alone in the house. I put the cock in the mouth of Kaki’s cunt and held it in my lap so that my cock entered Kaki’s cunt and Kaki woooed and hugged my back.

I said how are you feeling? It seems a little, you are big, I said you like it, aunt said yes but keep coming.

As soon as I started to thump, Kaki also started sitting on the cock. Within five minutes, Kaki hugged me and bathed me in hot juice.

After a while, Kaki calmed down and said, “You’re out, honey, I’m out.”

I will not come out so soon Kaki, I will suck your tits now, I started sucking Kaki’s left breast in my mouth, my mouth was filled with Kaki’s thick milk.

For about twenty minutes, I sucked both breasts alternately and consumed all the milk of Kaki’s breast. Kaki gently patted my head on the back.

I brought my mouth near to Kaki’s ear and told her to suck my dick. Kaki says Chayan, hurry up and go home before your uncle comes, so that he doesn’t know anything.

Then I won’t live anymore. I stood up and handed the cock to Kaki, then took Kaki’s mouth and inserted my cock. Kaki started sucking.

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My sex was up and within two minutes I released the juice in Kaki’s mouth. Kaki took all the juice and said now go home, I can’t see you here, if I go home I will see you too, I will like it.

I brought Kaki in my arms and said let’s caress you well in the light and sleep on the bed. Kaki said, if you put it on the bed, sister will get up and wear it. You have a mattress under the bed, put it on the floor and sleep on it.

When I spread the bed on the floor, Kaki came and lay on the bed. In the light of the room, Kaki was looking gorgeous in her langto.

The smile of sexual satisfaction on Kaki’s face a little while ago, even though the breasts are hanging, the big nipples are calling me, the deep navel on the wide belly.

Pus surrounded by a little unripe ripe sand. Kaki spread her legs and extended her hands towards me. I lied down on Kaki and started kissing Kaki.

Kaki herself grabbed my dick and started rubbing it on my pussy and said, I don’t have to caress my pussy anymore. I kissed Kaki on the lips.

Kaki moved my face away and said don’t be late honey, plz go home quickly dad, I’m very scared, it’s 4:30.

I said don’t worry aunty uncle won’t come so soon and don’t even think I’m fucking you, see how I make you fuck. kakima panu kahini physical intercourse with fat kaki

I started the foreplay, first kissing Kaki on her forehead and eyes followed by lips. Then while kissing the neck, neck and chest, I said to Kaki, do you feel good?

Kaki said yes it feels very good, then I said that uncle is doing this to you, Kaki said a little sad that he used to do this a long time ago, now he does nothing.

I said uncle fuck you? No, I didn’t fuck after being a little girl. I continued to foreplay. Kaki is getting very comfortable, Kaki said as she moaned.

Kaki’s pussy is relatively big, removing the thick balls of the pussy and putting his tongue inside the pussy, Kaki said Chayan, don’t show your face there, don’t you feel a little bit disgusted.

I said aunty I love you, you will take my baby, why will I get Ghenna. Kaki was happy with my words and said, I really understand that a baby will come in my stomach.

I started to lick the pussy, Kaki gradually started to press my head into the pussy, at one point it made my mouth water.

Seeing Kaki’s face, I understood that she was very relieved. You can love very well Chayan.

While talking, I lied down on Kaki and put the cock in Kaki’s pussy, Kaki kissed my lips and said, Chayan, it’s five o’clock, hurry up and go home, father.

Seeing Kaki getting scared, I started pounding hard, after ten minutes of pounding, I changed the position and put Kaki in doggy style and started fucking again.

Seeing Kaki’s fair hips made my cock more excited. Kaki buried her face in the pillow and started fucking. Within six minutes, Kaki drained the juice again

I couldn’t hold it any longer and squeezed the ram into the cucumber’s stomach and poured all the juice into the cucumber’s stomach. When the cock was soft, I took the cock out of the vagina and laid next to Kaki, Kaki hugged me and kissed me and talked a lot.

Kaki said, no more baby will come in my stomach, no matter how hard you try, the doctor abandoned my uterus after becoming pinky. It felt a little bad to hear my words.

Kaki said, I am disabled now, your uncle doesn’t look at me anymore, so when you started fingering my pussy I thought if you want to fuck me I won’t stop you.

I said aunty you like having sex with me. Kaki said, I never dreamed that you would caress me so beautifully.

I grabbed Kaki and kissed her again and said, Kaki, if I want to come and fuck you sometimes, you will let me fuck you.

Kaki said she can fuck me any day after 3 pm except Sunday, but please make sure no one knows about it.

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Then again I put the cock in the stomach. Kaki said don’t do that again, if you do it so much, your body will get bad, do it again another day. I said that if I spill juice once, I will not have peace, if I spill juice again, I will leave today.

Kaki says ok do it. After I fucked Kaki for another 40 minutes, my juice came out and Kaki was drooling twice, I poured all the juice into Kaki’s pussy and kissed Kaki.

Kaki held my hand and told me to sit again. I said yes, I will come again after two or three days. We both took off all the clothes, Kaki said I will not leave immediately, I will sit for a while.

I sat on the sofa and took Kaki on my lap and kissed Kaki for a while and then took turns sucking Kaki’s breasts and drank all the milk that Kaki had accumulated in my chest.

Then I held Kaki in my chest for a while. When aunt’s girls came after tuition, I came home. kakima panu kahini physical intercourse with fat kaki

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