ma chele choti ammu chuda new panu story 2024


ma chele choti ammu chuda new panu story 2024

I am Zubed, I am only 18 years old. In our family, I am father and mother. Together we have a small family of three.

Our house is on a hill high inside a tea garden in Darjeeling. There are no other houses around. And people do not come and go. A very quiet place.

Our house had only two bedrooms. There I lived in one bedroom. And in the other Abbu Wammu lived.

My father Habibur Rahman is a tea garden manager. And my mother is Pianka. A stylish and beautiful and sexy woman like blue film heroines.

Both my father and mother used to have sex every day. But my father used to fuck my mother so much. After that, my mother could not satisfy her.

Bangladeshi Group Sex-Panu Story 2024-Dhon Chata

Mom used to be even more excited than her father, as much as she was fondled by her father. Abbu could not satisfy Amma in any situation.

Seeing their daily sex, I understand that my mother’s body needs more.

So I plan in my mind that I will fuck mommy anyway. It will be seen later. I was waiting for the opportunity. As soon as I wanted, the opportunity came to my hand.

Abbu goes to his office in the morning like every day and I go to my school. Come home from school and have dinner. ma chele choti ammu chuda new panu story 2024

In the afternoon, I went out to hang out with my friends in the field. Abbu’s phone call came suddenly in the evening. He said that today he has to go outside Darjeeling for an office work.

So father will not come home today. I should say this to my mother. I said to my father that there is a tick, father, I will go home and tell my mother and hang up the phone.

After chatting with friends, I came home around 9 o’clock in the night. When I came home, I went to my bedroom without saying anything to my mother.

Mom and I both had dinner and I went to my bedroom. And Ammu Pianka finished her handwork and brought dinner for Abbu on the table and Ammu went to her bedroom.

When the night slowly deepened, I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning on the bed wondering when my mother would sleep. When I get thirsty at 12 o’clock in the night, I come to the dining table on a camel and drink water.

After drinking water, I slowly opened the door of my mother’s bedroom and saw the light off in my mother’s room. I slowly went towards my mother’s bed without making any sound. I went and first checked that mom was fast asleep in her bed.

So I slowly approached the door again. After slowly closing the door of my mother’s room, I again came in front of my mother’s bed. I take off my pants and t-shirt.

After that I slowly climbed on the bed. I see my mother is lying down. In the dim light I saw my mom Pianka lying in a blue nighty and matching blue bra and panty.

I slowly took off my mother’s nighty and bra panty and threw it away. Now Sudhu Ammu is completely naked in front of me.

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I slowly squeeze one of mom’s milk and suck the other in my mouth. Mom moved lightly and grazed. ma chele choti ammu chuda new panu story 2024

I dare to suck more and caress mommy. Mom thinks maybe dad is doing all this with her. That’s why mom didn’t move much.

The more I caress my mother, the more slowly she is getting tired.

I suck and squeeze mom’s milk for some time and slowly go down to my mom’s Piankar’s cunt and keep my face.

I have come and gone. My mother Pianka trembled at the sucking of my tongue and she held my face in her pussy and started to squirt juice from her pussy. I licked all the juice.

My mom is saying, Ogo, put yours on.

My mom set Piankar’s pussy and slowly pushed my camel’s penis, mom moved a little, then again I gave a gentle slap and my camel’s penis sank.

After that I slowly started hitting my mom Pianka. I picked up the pace slowly.

No matter how fast I started to fuck my mom, my mom was more excited than me.

My mother thinks that I am her husband, so my mother hugs me with both hands and tells me to hit you more.

I am the speed of my mother’s words. I am thrusting my mom with all the strength of my body at high speed but I am not able to satisfy the needs of my mom’s body.

I want to fuck my mom with more speed than I can. I am not a pot of straw.

I am hitting my jaan sap one after another and my mother Pianka is now only making noises like this with her mouth and the sound of our son and mother having sex in the whole room echoed throughout the room.

I’m going to fuck to the beat. In this way I fucked my mom Pianka for about 30 minutes and put all my strength inside my mom’s pussy.

In the womb, I let all my thick and thick cum float inside my mother’s cunt with a heap of white semen.

Ammu and me are holding each other in both hands and taking all my cum through mommy’s ass and mommy sucking cum inside her. Some time after I ejaculated, mom got hot again.

I didn’t take my cock out of mom’s cunt after ejaculating. In that situation, mother’s ass was full. My mom didn’t want my cock to come out of her pussy so I will fuck her again leaving the bara in that position.

When mom got hot to eat cuda again. I am again sucking one of my mother’s milk in my mouth and pressing the other one with my hand, I caress my mother’s whole body.

I started fucking my mom again. Now I am giving my mom a loud bang every time I go to mom’s nursery so my mom is screaming.

I am trying to cool my mom with my strong force but the more she fucks mom’s body is on fire and I keep on throbbing.

In this way around 30 times throughout the night I ejaculated in my mother Piankar’s pussy, and I fell asleep with my hands on my mother’s vagina.

Ammu held me in her hands and twisted my waist with her legs so that my cock wouldn’t come out. So that the cock stays inside the vagina and my mom sleeps in that position under me.

When mom goes to take a bath in the morning, she sees that. On top of her, her natural child is lying in her mother’s vagina, holding her in both hands.

That’s when mom’s sky broke in her mind that what I have done, with whom I spent the night. He began to think.

Then he noticed that the entire bed sheet was covered with semen of mother and son. Mom also saw that the son’s cock was still in that condition and thick white mucus was coming out from inside the vagina.

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Seeing this, my mother Pianka was devastated. With the movement of Ammu Pianka, son Zubed’s cock swelled and became hard inside the vagina again.

After that, when son Zubed was sleeping, he hit his mother again.

His mom Pianka started to fuck his son without saying anything, son Zubed slowly started to fuck his mom.

At one time, his son Zubed, who was very excited, ejaculated in his mother Piankar’s vagina. After Zubed’s ejaculation, his mother pushed him from above and threw him on the bed. Then Zubed’s son woke up. ma chele choti ammu chuda new panu story 2024

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