Mother’s strange allowance forcefully cracked my butt


Mother’s strange allowance forcefully cracked my butt

The story that I will share today is a true story that happened a few days ago.

I am 19 years old. Second year in college. The appearance as a girl is fair but my figure is also attractive 38-30-36.

Once I had a boyfriend but I only had a relationship with him for two months after that I didn’t get any more time. I live with my mother.

My father died when I was in class 4. But we had a good property so there was no problem. Mother works in a private office.

She had an affair with a man who was 10 years younger than Mar. Ma’s age is 42. Looks better than me but his figure is not very attractive.

I will give the name of the one with whom my mother had an affair. She works in an office with her mother. Although their relationship was called an affair, the two of them were just accompanying each other to satisfy their physical needs. mr.

The real story of village cruelty (true story)

Dev is unmarried. Looks awesome. Tall-dark-handsome so called. And to be honest I always wanted to fuck her.

Many times I have squeezed my own milk thinking that he is squeezing my milk. I fingered inside my pussy thinking about eating his pussy. The man used to look at my milk when he saw me.

One day he pressed my ass while pretending to sit next to me on the sofa. My whole body became hot. But I didn’t tell my mother because I used to miss them. Anyway, one day mother went to office as usual.

I just returned from the tap and lay down in the bath. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Our doorbell rang. I am alone at home so I went and opened the door. Mother’s strange allowance forcefully cracked my butt

I see Mr. Dev is standing. I said “Mom is not at home at work.” He said, “Well, I would have gone to stay at home today. Well, he will come. I will wait.”

He said this and sat on the sofa. Uncle said to give water. I brought water and sat on the sofa next to him. He hugged my waist.

I reluctantly removed his hand and tried to get up but he hugged me from behind. He started to press my milk from the back very hard.

It felt very good but I also said, “Please leave me, what are you doing?”

Hearing this, he held me tighter and started pressing my 38 size milk.

He turned me towards him and sat me on his lap on the couch. Then he started sucking my lips hard. I also started to respond. Started kissing my neck continuously.

He put his hand over my t-shirt and took it on the milk. And began to press. I started humming comfortably.

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He made me lie on the sofa and took off my t-shirt. I did not wear bra because I was at home. Seeing my empty milk, he grabbed it very hard with his two hands.

I screamed. He said, “I will bite your milk and tear it today, how can you make such big milk?” I became more excited after hearing his words.

He pounced on my milk. A milk started to stick with his hand like flour dollar. And started sucking and biting the black drop of milk. Mother’s strange allowance forcefully cracked my butt

I was getting relief but I was also getting a lot of pain. He started biting my right nipple like crazy, I thought he would eat it with his teeth.

In this way, he bit my two breasts and turned them red. Now he took out his huge iron cock. It seems to be 8 inches.

Seeing that, my pussy got wet and started to shut up. Ankel pulled up and sat down. Uncle said sucking his cock.

If I did not mouth and I was very willing to suck. Uncle said if I don’t suck, he will tear my nipples. I took his cock in my mouth like a target girl.

First I started to press his cock with my lips, sometimes I started to lick the head of his cock with my body. He couldn’t take it anymore so he put the whole cock inside my mouth.

He grabbed my hair and began to thrust it inside my mouth with that huge cock. Then he pulled out his cock and put it between my milk.

I squeezed his cock with my huge milk. The middle of the milk has slipped in sweat.

He released the foam on my chest with a loud thump as he pounded between my breasts. A lot of benefits came out. He sat down tired. I licked and played with his fingers.

After a while he took me in his arms to my bedroom. Now she opened my trouser. Removed my panty and began to move my pussy with his fingers.

I began to ooh aah in relief. He took off my panty. Then I opened my legs and went to my pussy and inserted a finger first.

I screamed. He said, “Magi, you can’t bear one of my fingers, when this huge cock of mine enters, your pussy will burst” I got hotter with his words.

If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 4

He came and inserted two fingers, then three. I screamed in pain but felt pretty good too. He started kneading my pussy with his fingers and started running the jive in my pussy.

My whole body was shaking and I started making aaaah uh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds.

At one stage I said, “Please, I can’t take it anymore, please leave me.” He heard this and started running his fingers inside my pussy harder and kept shaking the clit of the pussy. I left the water. Mother’s strange allowance forcefully cracked my butt

He inserted the creature inside my pussy and started licking it. I was led. Now he climbed on top of me.

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I spread my legs more and put his penis in my pussy. I began to fear. He tried to insert his cock inside my pussy but it didn’t work.

He got angry and gave a hard blow and the 8 inch cock entered my tiny hole. I screamed loudly in pain.

Then she began to thrust slowly. After a while I felt like I was in heaven. Suddenly he began to thrust loudly. I started to uh ah.

Out of my mouth came out “Harder dear, harder, blow my pussy, blow my pussy, my pussy will burst today after eating your fuck” he then started fucking me harder and started squeezing my milk like crazy.

I was going crazy with happiness. Then he told me to be like Doggy. I was surprised. He brought a bottle of oil from my dressing table.

I knew he would hit my hips this time. I requested him a lot not to hit my hips because it would hurt a lot. But he didn’t listen.

She applied some oil on my hips. Then her ram. He first put two fingers in my hips and teased a little. Then he placed his cock in the mouth of my hips and gave a strong thrust.

I felt as if something had penetrated my hip. He started cracking my hips with great pleasure and I started screaming like crazy. He said, “I cracked your mother’s hips and pussy with my drill machine, now it’s your turn.”

In the first years of my life, I poured it into my aunt’s vagina

I didn’t say anything, I just kept screaming. In this way he started to drill his drill machine in my hips and pussy one by one. Mother’s strange allowance forcefully cracked my butt

Then suddenly he grabbed my ass and started hitting my hips very hard.

I started talking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah but she didn’t listen.

After a while like this, he poured his money inside my hips and lay down next to me. In the middle of having sex, I also came out twice, so I also slept quietly.

In this way, until 9 o’clock at night, Ankel went home after cracking my pussy and hips twice more. Mother Oslo at 10 pm. Later Mr. Dev released my mother and held me.

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