Living Again After Growing Old-18


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He sarcastically asked “Sarita are you sure you are telling me the truth”? I knew a confidently said lie sounds as good as the truth. So I said “I know what I was doing there and I don’t care if you believe me or not, now let me sleep”.

I thought in my mind that once the seeds of suspicion get sowed in a relationship then the end is not very far. I waited to hear my Ex snoring and then took out my phone to message good night to my real hubby.

Next day till Thursday the same daily routine continued. Now Ex used to be back before I did so I explained to Putta and we did our good night smooch at his place before heading home.

Next day was Friday, today I and Putta were heading out to our second honeymoon, actually our first official one. Adarsh and Radhika had personally made all the arrangements in Ooty this time.

The only significant change now was that Radhika had taken me to her regular parlour for a full makeover a few days earlier. My children appreciated my new hairless and glowing looks while my Ex simmered muted.

So I got up early, did my yoga and prayers and got ready in a jeans and top waiting outside the gate. Putta was already there in his SUV, I put my bag behind the front seat.

I saw the middle row was collapsed like last time with a full bed ready for us. I got in the front seat and we drove off some distance outside our area before pulling over for a nice long passionate lover’s kiss.

Then we continued on our journey and just like last time, after breakfast we stopped at the same place for our car love making bout. Even today Putta seemed like he was on steroids making the first round itself longer than his usual.

The one thing great about him was that he was consistent in making me orgasm one after the other in quick succession. Then we were getting ready, he asked me to wear a light yellow frock which I quickly took out and wore.

Unfortunately, I could not find matching inners quickly so I continued wearing black inners matching my previous dress. Since the material of my frock was very thin my inners showed thru.

I was no longer shy to wear revealing clothes so I felt it was adding to making me look more sexier. Anyways we hit the road again and since this journey was longer we made another stop for food followed by one more bout of love making.

Only this time we did it standing behind bushes with our clothes on. This time too Putta lasted longer than his usual and at the end I made him pump his big dick in my mouth to drink his juice.

He too licked my pussy clean before cleaning me with wipes and a towel. Then we hit the road again, due to the multiple stops we reached the hotel by Afternoon.

This was also an equally posh hotel like the previous one. Only difference from previous one was that the bed was not decorated with flowers. Also we got a welcome champagne at the entrance which was then carried to our room.

After a few glasses as expected we both lost control and made love twice like two mad lovers. When we were resting Putta asked “are you tired Munni”? I said “not at all, are you Putta”?

He too said “no my love”. I held his big missile stroking it with my hand. I sensuously said “if we both are not tired then why are we wasting time? My fires are still raging darling. Please douse them with your big missile”.

Listening to me, Putta did not need any more motivation, he got on top and began pumping both my holes alternately with his big missile. I too was still wet and full of his juices from our previous sessions which was working as the lubricant.

It seems like the dam of his thunder storms had given way, Putta was pumping me with full force and at full speed shaking my body like a giant rocking machine.

The sounds of our bodies clapping together were so loud that everyone in the adjoining rooms would have easily woken up to them. The icing on the cake was that my orgasms were more intense and kept coming as if they were programmed to do so by Putta’s big missile.

My young stallion started slowing down finally after god knows how long, for sure he was tired and had drained me too of my energies. When we finally rested in each other’s arms we were doused in sweat like we were under the running shower.

Despite our state of tiredness, we still managed to kiss passionately before slipping into sleep. We were both woken up by my cell phone ringing. It was my Ex, I saw the time was 7pm.

I wondered why he would need to call me now. So I answered his call on speaker”.
Ex – How was your day Sarita?
Me – full of excitement and very tiring
Ex – have you eaten something?
Me – yes I have been having lots of protein rich food
Ex – Is there anything I can do for you?
Me – Yes, you can stop bothering me with your lame conversation
Ex – Sarita, don’t you think you are making a big fuss out of nothing?
Me – don’t blame me or make me open my mouth or I promise you will regret it.
Ex – Is there anything I can do to fix things between us?
Me – you can only fix things which are broken, not fully destroyed!
Ex – aren’t you being too harsh towards me?
Me – really? Who started it first? Haven’t you been harsh to me all these years?

I hung up because this was leading to nowhere and a total waste of my honeymoon time. Putta was already massaging my tits and sucking my puffed nipples trying to improve my mood.

Before Putta happened to me, my nipples stood barely a quarter of an inch tall when erect, now with his overdose of daily love making and hard sucking they had grown to nearly an inch tall with the thickness of a big grape.

The best of my bras could not hide my nipples from showing if I got aroused. I was not sure if this was going to be a problem or an advantage. My pussy now remained in a constant state of wetness anticipating entry by Putta’s big missile.

Putta had also exercised my thighs and butt muscles so much that they had lost all the excess fat due to his insane pounding during love making every day. Well my daily yoga also added a bit to it.

My thighs were now well toned and tight. My butt was no more a jiggly piece of flesh but instead it was now taut and firm like that of an athlete. My body now went from a 38C-34-40 to 38D-34-41.

I was conscious about my growing assets but I was fine with it because my Putta darling really loved it, and as you already must have realised, I can do anything or go to any lengths for him.

By now Putta had progressed from sucking my tits to eating my love hole between my legs. After he had super charged my arousal to the point of an impending orgasm.

He mounted me and launched his big missile to do his duties inside my love hole. At the same time, we got busy kissing and licking each other wherever our tongues could reach without disengaging ourselves.

We were nearing the 40minute mark of our extended love making because every time we stopped and changed positions, Putta would nearly reset his own pumping clock lasting longer than his usual 20mins.

Soon we were both nearing the pinnacle of our climax, a few more minutes later we both came heavily. Then we remained hugging and resting holding each other.

Putta asked “I hope you are now satisfied Munni”? I kissed his forehead, I said “yes darling, if you are satisfied then I am satisfied too”. We both remained resting for a while.

I could not believe that from a few months ago where I never thought about sex, I had transformed now into a nympho constantly wanting more and more of it. I was in a heightened state of arousal whenever Putta was around.

We saw the time, it was little past 8pm. So we had a quick shower without sex this time and got dressed. We went down to the bar, now my phone rang again, it was my daughter.

I answered it, she was also asking things like how I was, what I was doing, etc. I could sense my Ex making her talk knowing well that I would not talk to him.

I gave her simple answers which me, Putta & his parents had already discussed and ended the call. Putta and me drank to celebrate followed by dinner.

Then we had a walk around enjoying the lush landscapes and the cool breeze. Even though I was wearing a frock I was not feeling so cold due to the alcohol effect.

We then retired to our room where we had two more rounds of passionate love making. The next two days also were exactly the same, we were fucking like crazy rabbits from waking up till falling asleep at night.

Then we returned home followed by my daughter’s wedding that week. My new life with Putta continued unabated for the next few months. My son took charge of the business very quickly and also found a girl for himself.

Fortunately, she belonged to our community so my Ex did not have any problem. By now me and Putta were nearing 7 months into our relationship. We got our son engaged immediately followed by marriage a month later.

Now that I had a daughter-in-law I could not continue my sexcapades with Putta in my house so I shifted my business to his house where we continued to enjoy daily.

After my DIL had taken charge of the house nicely in a few months, my son gave everyone the news that she was pregnant. I was contemplating if it was now the right time for me to leave this house forever.

I spoke to Radhika and Adarsh and they suggested that I wait till the child is born and the naming ceremony is completed. In the meantime, they would setup a new house for Pramod a little away from our locality so that it is safe for me.

Also in the new place both me and Putta could begin our life afresh unknown to the people around. Putta had completed his studies too with flying colours and had joined his dad in business.

Despite that he made sure our old schedule continued. Based on Radhika’s idea we were taking a three-day trip to various destinations once every month.

Even Radhika and Adarsh also joined so that there was no suspicion. At home I told everyone that I had decided to join Radhika to go on monthly trips and discover new places.

Well no one had a problem except my Ex but for me he was now non-existent. We fought a lot more frequently now on every possible topic he could come up with including my cooking.

He sure had a big problem with my monthly outings asking why did I have to go now when I did not in so many years. I said “I really enjoyed going out and seeing places, but you never ever took me out anywhere. I am enjoying my life seeing places with Radhika and will continue whether you like it or not”.

After a lot more grumbling he left me alone. That same night he came home drunk while my son and DIL were around. I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, he stood at the doorway and shouted abuses at me.

When I turned around to face him, he had picked up a sauce pan and smashed my face with it. I fell unconscious and woke up in the hospital. I saw my son was there with his wife, my daughter and Radhika.

To be continued….

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