muslim bessa ma choda Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 3


muslim bessa ma choda Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 3

The previous two episodes of this series chatty story of mother boy sex –

mayer putki mara panu Muslim mother’s pod when son gets 1 and

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Named Bangla Chatti UK has been published on the site. Before reading today’s episode i.e. the third episode, read the last two episodes then you will understand the story (if you haven’t read the last two episodes).

My annual exam came before me. Exam starts from second week of November. Due to the exam, the pressure of studying increased

You have to read almost all day. Some light rest in between And mother gives me time during rest It is during these times that I get excited about my mother.

But in the meantime, father came home on vacation Stay fifteen days. And on this fifteenth day, me and mother’s association will be almost closed After father came home I did not find mother very close.

In the meantime, mother brought me a pill I used to watch my parents from behind when they were having sex I used to think that this legal association of parents was illegal, I was jealous.

Then the test ended. It was decided that like every time, this time we will go for a trip to our mountain garden house. muslim bessa ma choda Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 3

Then one day the father was asked to return to his work on an urgent summons. Father did not go with us Father was very upset

The next day the father left I took my parents to the airport. While leaving, the father said to the mother – give the good news as soon as possible.

While returning home, I questioned my mother about reading mother’s clothes. Because since father Asha, mother used to wear clothes like before

When she went out, she used to wear a loose veil Then the mother laughed and said otherwise the father would have suspected the mother. Mother has done all these things to hide the change of mother in the eyes of father

After that, when the mother asked about the last words of the father, the mother said – your father wants to have another baby, and that is the good news he told.

I was shocked after hearing that. I kept quiet. After returning home I went to my room. After some time mom came to my room and sat next to me I was still sitting quietly with my mind dead.

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Mom looked at me for a while and probably understood why I was upset.

Suddenly mom left the room and came back after a while and handed me an empty medicine leaf. I looked and saw an empty pill leaf

I was still silent when my mother put her hand on my cheek and said – stupid boy, you still don’t understand anything! Your father wants to get me pregnant, I also want to get pregnant.

But I took this pill every time your father met me to make me pregnant, because I want you to give birth to me.

new bangla choti golpo

Your father has failed to give me the happiness you have given me in the last few months.

Your father is my husband but as a husband he did not fulfill all the duties of your father towards me, you did

You showed me how a woman can be happy. And because of that, if a child comes into my womb, then only you have the right to bring that child. muslim bessa ma choda Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 3

Then mother put her hand on my shoulder. I removed the fly from the mother’s chest. With one hand I pressed my mother’s ass and with the other hand I kept touching my mother’s breast

Then I put my mother to bed Mother was wearing a yellow shirt and an orange lehenga I pulled the lehenga ribbons and pulled down the lehenga and folded the mother’s yellow dress upwards

After that I took off all the clothes myself by making the mother completely naked Holding my legs apart, I put the cock holding my Rudra murti into her lap, then began to tap.

For some time I started to tap hard and then to tap slowly for some time After some time I started to fuck my mother in doggy position

After a long time of pounding, when I became lazy, I lay down, then mom sat on top of me and began to pound herself up and down cowboy style. After a long wait it was time to check out.

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Then I put my mother in the missionary position again. After a few hard knocks, the material came out Pouring everything on my mother’s lap, I lie on her like that.

Mom put a stick of milk in my mouth and I kept sucking it. Then the mother says that once there is a baby, then there is no need to just suck, then milk will come from the mother’s breast.

I am also happy to think that I can drink mother’s breast milk again. He fucked his mother a few more times that night. And after two days we leave to visit the hill house.
will continue…

Read the new story of mother and son Chudachudi and comment and let me know how it was and what topic you want to read. You can also read my other articles. muslim bessa ma choda Muslim mother’s belly when son gets 3

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