Part 2 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?


Part 2 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

In the previous episode I told how a stranger uncle took out his cum on the river bank to enjoy my lover alone. I will tell you the next story today.

After five minutes, my lover became fresh again, she turned into a goddess after eating that cock’s cock.

He suddenly grabbed that cock and put it in his pussy and sat on his lap, and sitting on the back of his waist, he started massaging the cock and began to enjoy himself, after fucking the pussy for a while, he said to Kaku – “How do you feel, know me?”

Kaku then came down from the land of heaven and said – “Magi toke to toh balei chi tui opsar, I want to take you home and fuck you all day long, but there is no way, Chod Magi Chod, I want to fuck you alone but after a while the rest of the friends will come, Toke I can’t fuck alone anymore”

My lover put the penis in the vagina and asked Kaku with a curiosity – “Well, are your friends’ penises as big and thick as yours?

I’m tired of eating that little 8 inch cock” I felt a little bad at the last word, I thought my girlfriend would be very happy to eat my 8 inch cock.

But today I was very sad and angry to know this, I wanted to catch this whore Magi and fuck her but then I remembered.

My girlfriend is fucking another man in front of me. I will teach her how to fuck.

But I didn’t stop there, I went and told Kaku boldly – “Kaku, you have been fucking my lover alone for a long time, now we will fuck her together, this magi doesn’t like small cock, right, today I will explain to her how to do it with my small cock.” “Fucking has to give happiness.”

Kaku agreed to my words and said – “That’s a very good thing, come on put your cock in her mouth” I went in front of my lover – “Khanki chosh my cock” said, I put my 8 inch cock in my lover’s mouth.

She was still fucking herself sitting on Kaku’s bed, she didn’t realize that I would suddenly join hands with Kaku, my lover then became Nirupa and started fucking with my bara in the mouth of Kakur’s bara.

Let me tell you that my girlfriend gives a very good blow job, Khankimagi gave me a nice blow job in that situation, I thought that my dhon pants wanted to come out.

He first slowly started sucking my cock until it came, then slowly he put my cock in his mouth till his throat Part 2 Kire magi is very fond of cock sucking

My entire body is wet with my lover’s saliva, then she slowly raises her face towards my pussy

He seemed to be sucking my cock like a chocolate ball, then came back to my cock, again soaking the cock in his red juice.

After sucking my cock for about 10 minutes, the material came out from my cock inside her mouth, and even then she continued to suck as if I could not suck her any more.

I couldn’t stay – “Now take my cock out of your mouth, I want to fuck you now”

I want to fuck your pussy, I want to put the next load in your pussy” my girlfriend got a little startled and removed my cock from her mouth.

Because I have never talked to her like this so maybe, my dhon was wet with my lover’s saliva and my faida, I said again – “Now get up from kakur dhon, now I will fuck you”.

She left Kakur’s bed without saying anything and got up, looking at Kakur’s bed, I saw that Kakur was wearing the material inside the pussy, my lover’s face and pussy were wet with the material in 2 places.

I don’t like fucking from behind much, I always love fucking from the front, because the expression on the lover’s face with that ah-ah sound, and the scene of the twirling makes me more horny.

And here I wanted to fuck my lover like that, then suddenly a sitting step came into view, we 2 together took my lengto whore sexy lover and went to sleep on that sitting step then started threesome.

The step was quite low, and my dhon was already wet, so it was convenient to insert the dhon into the lover’s pussy.

Inserting the penis into the lover’s pussy, I realized that the pussy is very loose after eating thick penis for a long time, I did not leave the pussy, I lifted the lover’s 2 legs on her neck, put my penis into her pussy and started to fuck her by the waist.

I am fucking and little by little my anger started to decrease, after about 10 minutes of fucking like this, the lover took her legs down from the room and pushed her to 2 sides, because I could not see her pussy properly.

I was pounding hard but still my lover felt something, she was making very little noise, ah ah ah ah ah, my anger suddenly increased again, I see she is more interested in sucking that cock’s 10 inch long cock than my cunt.

I saw her holding the cock’s cock with her right hand and sucking, sucking and ummmmm ummmmm ummmmm, I started inserting my cock till the bottom.

I was taking my dick out of the pussy, and again I was putting it all in the pussy, as if there was no change in her, finally Ami gave up, I fucked her lover’s pussy for another 5 minutes very hard.

My girlfriend was still sucking that cock’s cock, I realized that she doesn’t need my cock anymore, she wants that cock’s thick cock but I’m totally thinking of my own good now.

I took the cock from her pussy and gave it to her and said – “I just fucked your pussy, but I couldn’t control you, now you control me, suck my cock.”

Kaku Chuduk Toke, Oi can give you peace” said the lover – “Yes, I want to take the long and like Dhon in me now, you leave, you kiss me another day”.

Saying this, Kaku took his long thick 10 inch cock and inserted it into my lover’s pussy, he looked like a monster and inserted the whole cock into my lover’s pussy at once.

Oh father” he said, and also said – “Know that I am in love with your dhon, but slowly insert the whole thing, take care of me otherwise this apsara of yours will die” Kaku said – “Magi be quiet, I will insert the whole dhon.” Or I will put in half

“Shut up and eat my cunt” again he continued to forcefully pump one drop after another, and my lover started to say “ah ah ah ah ah ah” with a little pain, her eyes rolled back and she squeezed my cock. I understood that he was feeling good and suffering

But I was having a lot of fun with it, I was thinking to myself, don’t enjoy fucking a very long cock. But this pain also disappeared after a while, and my lover began humming happily –

Ah ah ah ah ummmmm ah ah, give it more, it feels so good, a little louder please ummmmm, a little more a little more, ah ah ummmmm ah” I was surprised again how. Kaku is pushing my lover’s legs from both sides and is continuously hitting them with his dhon

With the sound of tap tap tap tap, the whole bank of the river became excited, and since my lover was getting pleasure, she took my cock in her mouth and continued to suck it loudly. After about 15 minutes of sucking, I again filled my lover’s face with hot cum

But Kaku, on the other hand, is still pounding my girlfriend’s pussy. After about 5 minutes, it’s Kaku’s turn, but Kaku now takes out the stuff inside her pussy.

Kaku took the cock out of the vagina and pulled the dick and came to my lover’s chest and let out the whole milk on the milk, it seems that my lover’s 2 breasts have squeezed all the milk.

By the look on my lover’s face it was now clear that she was completely satisfied, but she played a good game with Kaku, she got up and came in front of Kaku, taking one of Kaku’s hands and grabbing one of her milk.

And with one of his own hands he held Kaku’s hand and started pulling it slowly and started kissing Kaku’s lips, Kaku’s black body and my lover’s, it looks like a black and white com scene is going on. To kiss like this, my lover Kakur came down to Dhon and started sucking the Dhon

And after finishing a little bit of sucking, he said to Kaku – “You know I am very tired now, let us go now.”

You keep my phone number, the day you call me I will come again and take your beautiful pussy in my pussy, along with your friends” Kaku refused to agree, he let her go.

Then my lover started sucking the dhon better, putting the whole dhon in her mouth and baring it, eating it along, and started saying – “Jan please”.

Kaku couldn’t let go until the end of this favor, because Kaku came out again, and this time there was more material and it was all inside my lover’s mouth.

At the end, Kaku said – “Ja Magi, I left you today, but give me your phone number, I will come on the day I call, otherwise I will be in danger, look at your picture, I will upload it to the porn site”.

I saw that when Kaku was beating my girlfriend for the last time, he took several pictures and videos, and blackmailed her by showing them.

But my lover gave me the phone with a big smile and said – “Show us some pictures”. bangladeshi choti golpo

Then my lover took Kaku’s dhon, took the dhon in his mouth, doggy style, kissed Kaku and took many pictures and said to Kaku – “You are happy now, take the phone, if I don’t come, upload them too,

Now dress me like you made me a lehenga, you are like my father

If you don’t put your daughter in a chudle, you can wear it.” Kaku was very happy and put on the bra first and then the panty

Then he thought who knows, he laid my girlfriend on the step again, removed her panties and started licking her pussy.

After 5 minutes of licking, he fixed the panty again and put on one pistachio and said – “Leave today, I will come on time when I call”

I also put on my clothes and pants by that time. My girlfriend and I both looked at Kaku and said “hmm”. While leaving, I saw Kaku looking at my lover and eating his own dhon. Part 2 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

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