Sex with my plumper and furry ex wife


This story is about my exwife, and takes place about half way through our
marriage. My ex was a plumper, big tits (D or DD depending on the bra maker
and her weight), and a nice big ass that she liked to have paddled. Green
eyes, thick curly black hair (both on her head and pussy), and a sweet face.

I got home from work one day to find my ex sitting on the sofa, playing with
her pussy. On the TV a porno was playing. “Oh baby I’m glad your home. I
need some cock badly!” As I got close she got up and began ripping off my
Hairy Pussy Ex Bbw Wife
“And what have you been up to?” I asked playfully.

“I’ve been playing with my pussy. And while my dildos are nice, they ain’t a
real cock.”

“You are really worked up.” I noted as she was tugging at my dick. “How long
have you been at this?”

“All day.” she replied, sucking my cock into her mouth.

“All day?” She grunted and nodded, not stopping her blow job.

“Whoa whoa whoa.” I said, pushing her back. “Let’s sit down a minute. Before
you get any more cock, I want to hear all about it. Every last raunchy

My ex got a grin on her face, and almost acted shy for a minute. “Well, OK.
After you left, I just rolled over in bed, spread my legs and fingerd my
pussy. Not for long, just enough to give me a quick cum.”

“Uh huh, go on.”

“Well, after taking a piss I realized I was hungry, so I came into the
kitchen to eat a little something. I got some cereal, toast and butter, and
a bannana and put them on the table. I then put on a little something to
watch while I ate.”

“And that would be…”

“One of our fuck movies of course! One of the amateur ones with mostly
couples. Well, while I ate my pussy got wet again, so I used the bannana to
fuck myself to another cum. ”

“Did you eat it?”

She grinned. “Every last fucking bite! Sliced it up on my cereal, yummy.”

“Anything else?”

“Well, there was the butter.”

“Butter?” I had to ask.

“Well, I kinda got too much on my toast, and some of it dripped off onto my
titties as I was eating. So I licked it off, and it felt and tasted good. So
I got the tub of butter and dipped each tit into it, then licked it all up.
Mmmm. Made me so horny it only took a few finger strokes to make me cum!”

“Uh huh, go on.”

“Well, after breakfast I went and laid on the couch while I watched the
movie. Just sort of lightly touching myself, all over, not really actively
masturbating. When that movie went off, I went upstairs to get another.
While I was there, I grabbed some of my toys. ”

“I got out one of my dildos, let’s see… ah this one.” she said, holding up
a long, thick flesh colored dong. “Well, watching those people fuck really
got me worked up. So I sat the dildo on the chair, and slowly sank myself on
to it. Damn it felt good. I rocked back and forth on it for I don’t know how
long, cumming and cumming and cumming.” She sighed dreamily at the

“Damn baby, what did you do then?”

“Well, I fell on to the sofa and wound up taking a nap. All that cumming was
hard work!” After I got done chuckling, she continued. “OK, so I went and
got my self some lunch, just some leftovers. And then…”

“Now wait, ” I interupted. “Knowing you, you had a little dessert.” She

“OK, you got me, I did eat a piece of that cake. Off my titties.”

“Thought so. OK, go on.”

“Naturally my tits were perky, but I was also messy, so I decided to take a
bath. I got my purple gel dildo and got wet!”

“What exactly did you do?” I said, stroking my cock and watching her rub her

“I laid down in the tub and let the water splash on my pussy while I fucked
myself with the fake cock! After I was cummed out I let the water splash
over me, then crawled out. I dried off, then just sort of puttered around
the house for a little bit while I had the dirty movie going. Well, you know
me, in no time I was horny again. After all it was my favorite.”

I paid attention to the movie for the first time. Sure enough, it was a
movie of nothing but cumshots, one after another. “And then?” I prompted.

“And then you came home.” she said getting up. My chubby wife straddled me,
lowering herself onto my shaft. “And now I’m going to FUCK you dammit!” She
let out a gasp as my cock buried itself all the way inside her wet cunt.

She rode my cock wordlessly, only deep gutteral grunts and moans indicated
her pleasure. Pitching forward she buried my face in her tits, allowing me
to lick and suck her massive mammeries. I could sense she was getting close,
so reached around and began to lightly spank her fat ass.

“Oh Yessss!” she yelled. “Spank me mother fucker! Harder dammit spank me
harder!” Her hips bucked back and forth against my lap, her cunt grinding
against my pubic area. Suddenly she grabbed me tight, her body jiggling as
she creamed all over me.

Hopping up, she got down on her knees in front of me. She wrapped her saliva
soaked tits around my cock and began pumping, pausing every so often to lick
the tip as it emerged from her breasts. “Oh yeah baby shoot your hot cum
dammit, c’mon make you cock shoot it’s fucking load all over me.”

“OH fuck baby I’m gonna cum!”

“C’mon!” she screamed, “CUM FOR ME MOTHER FUCKER!” I shook as my cock
erupted, firing long strands of cum into her hair, on her face and mostly
all over her fat tits. She fell backward onto the floor, cum dripping off
both of us.

“Damn I need that.” she said, her glazed breasts still heaving as she
breathed heavily. She took a second to appraise her look. “Shit I’m gonna
have to wash my hair again.” Getting up she moved toward that hallway toward
the bath. As I watched her meaty ass jiggling she called out “And if I have
to go to that much effort, your sorry ass is taking me out to dinner!”

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