The Great Sen Family : 6


Episode : 6
After three days, it was 9:00 am in the morning….. Munmun’s husband was already left for office and her mother was watching a old black-white cinema in her own room while she decided to take a bath to refresh herself. Parveen wouldn’t be available today also…. so that she had to do some household chores and make herself fresh. After that she wrapped her body with a robe and decided to read a film magazine as she had no shooting schedule today.

She came out from her bedroom as she slipped her slim hand through the folds of her robe. Her gaze then moved towards her beautifully decorated garden where Prankrisno was mowing. She watched her stud Cook cum Gardener….. doing his jobs skillfully. At front of the yard, he was pushing the power mower around the plants.

Remembering her hot session with him previous day, she got excited. Her fingers moved between the slick, pink lips of her hot cunt and found her swollen clit. She rubbed it slowly, bringing more slick fluid from within her cunt to make it even more slippery. No…. the fingers aren’t sufficient’, she thought….. then keeping the magazine on the tea table, she moved towards the garage.

Inside the garage, there was her luxury car as she stood beside it…. leaning her body against it. Then she looked through the garage door…. towards the garden where Prankrisno was working. It was just ten feet away from where she was standing. She watched him working throughly for some time and noticed his rippling muscles which made her horny.

She could feel her creaming pussy as it started twitching….. then she called him with a naughty smile, “Kesto, stop your job and come here….. don’t waste time….. show me your cream supplier.” Saying that, she threw her shoulders back and shoved her full tits forward.

Hearing his Didimoni’s urgent call, Prankrisno postponed his job and entered in the small garage and removed his dirty pants quickly. He stood there in the gloom of the garage….. fully naked….. waving his long cock in his right fist as his big eyes were glued to the top Bengalee beauty queen’s semi-exposed big titties.

“Come on, Kesto…. don’t make me impatient.” She grinned….. reaching over, she grabbed his rigid cock between her thumb and finger. She squeezed it….. stroked it sometimes as her pussy started itching and oozing secretions more.

“Ah, good. Nice and hard. Now put it back in your Bermuda until we get inside the house. Today your Dadababu will be late…. so we can fully utilize that…. however if you’re interested in me.”

Prankrisno found his voice trembling in excitement. “Uh, I, ah. Yes, Didimoni.”

He eased his hard cock back through his fly quickly and zipped up the Bermuda. Meanwhile, the beauty queen pulled her robe back around her. She then took her Odisan Cook’s hand into hers….. waiting to be led into the house.

‘He’s so innocent….. Parveen is a lucky girl to have him as her husband’, she thought as they quickly moved towards the main building. Reaching in her drawing room, first she unfastened the knot of the robe at her waist….. then shrugged her shoulders and arms out of the robe. As it dropped over on the floor her, she kneeled in front of him.

Once again she reached for his Bermuda and this time he let her pull the zipper down. His hard cock sprang up….. and out from his Bermuda’s fly.

Still on her knees….. being fully naked, she put her arms around his thin waist and squeezed herself against him. His cock was pressed in between her full tits. She pressed her titties together from either sides and massaged his raging hard-on between the warm valley of her soft melons for few seconds. Then putting her arms around him again, she pulled him against her.

“Tell me what you’re going to do to me now, Kesto,” she said. “Tell me what you’re going to do when we get on the bed…. want to lick my pussy and suck the juices at first? Remember, you begged for that.”

“Didimoni, I can’t imagine.”

“Tell me how you’re going to push your hard cock up my hot cunt and fuck me until both of us cum together. Tell me how you’re going to suck my tits….. tease my clit and make me want you.”

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