The New Girl -16 – Sex Stories


Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous part here (The New Girl -15 ) so you can enjoy this better…

Khan took me to the bathroom, cleaned and dressed me up. I observed he took keen interest in dressing me every time. I saw the time, it was nearly school closing time, Khan and Govinda rushed back to their jobs. I ate my lunch while the bell went off.

I took an auto(tuk tuk) and went to the doctor’s clinic. He had a few patients but after seeing me, he sent them all quickly. He called me inside locking his door and asked “why did your mother not come today”.

I said “uncle she would need to take half day’s leave to come, since I am grown up now, I decided to handle everything myself from now on”. He said “Preeti I have been missing you ever since you came here last”.

I hugged him saying “uncle I too have spent so many sleepless nights waiting to be with you again”. I removed all my clothes and sat on his examination table. He stood facing me placing his hands on my boobs while I held his face and kissed his lips.

After the long kiss he asked “where did you learn to kiss like that Preeti”? I said “uncle I have been learning by watching adult movies”. He asked “what else did you learn in the last week”?

I unzipped his pants taking out his cock and began stroking it with my hands. He was surprised, I said “doctor uncle, my boobs are longing for your care”. He started squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples giving me the exact same awesome pleasure I experienced the first time with him.

He went on for a long time till I had an orgasm. He made me lie down and I opened my legs. He touched my hairless pussy and said “Preeti your honey pot is looking very beautiful, when did you shave it”?

I said “uncle I watched many xxx movies with my boyfriend during the last week. I learnt that men love a hairless pussy more, so I made him shave it”. He said “Preeti you seemed to have learnt a lot in one week, since how long do you have this boyfriend”?

I said “uncle he has been my boyfriend since many years but only after I met you, in the last one week he taught me a lot about sex”. Uncle was still fingering my pussy while talking to me and my juices started continuously flowing.

He was often licking my juices off his fingers. He finally put his mouth to my pussy eating it while I was running my hand in his hair pressing his face harder to my pussy.

After eating my pussy for a while and drinking my juices he stood up, now I got on my knees giving him a blowjob. He said “Preeti you are so amazing, I have never experienced such an amazing blowjob from any woman before”.

After sucking him, he made me bend on his examination table like last time. He put on a condom and came behind me tonging my ass and pussy again. I said “uncle, I am begging you, please fuck me now”.

He stood up and pushed his cock slowly in my pussy saying “please call me Sundar my darling Preeti”. I said “fuck my pussy harder Sundar, I have been longing for your cock since many days”.

Sundar increased his pace, he asked “how many have you enjoyed with”? I said “Darling my boyfriend fucks me everyday only in the evening and that is not enough. So I made many friends who take care of me during the day”.

I felt his thrusts getting harder now, I asked “Sundar darling are you close to cumming”? He said “yes Preeti”, I said “Sundar cum in my mouth”. He pulled out in time removing the condom and pushed his cock in my mouth releasing a significant load.

I swallowed everything and sucked him clean. I said “darling your juice is very tasty and quite a mouthful”, he said “Preeti darling this is because of your amazing pussy that I came so much, thank you”.

I pulled him close and we smooched again, I asked “Sundar can you please fuck me once more”. He said “no darling, I am very tired. Sundar was sitting in his chair while I was sitting in his lap holding his cock between my legs.

He asked “Did you have sex before coming here today”? I said “yes darling, 3 times”. He could not believe it, he said “how is that even possible, I see you are still in your school clothes”.

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