Maid from Heaven – Part 11


Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 10)

She placed her hand on my crotch grabbing my cock over my clothes and said “looks like watching me enjoy has made you really hard, can I help you”?

I said “yes sure, but first tell me what happened today with Rizwan”. She got up and removed all her clothes and mine too and we sat together naked on the sofa sipping the same beer.

In Uma’s words from here…

After you dropped me I went straight to him, he was already waiting for me. On the way I met Mary and told her I will call after I am done. Today Rizwan was something else, we got inside the room and had 3 nonstop back to back rounds.

Each round was much longer than yesterday as if he was on steroids or something. I was dead tired by the end of the third round and today he himself brought condoms.

I took a quick nap to recover and was woken up by him eating my pussy. After a few minutes he got on top and we did once more. I asked “what happened to you today Rizwan”?

He said “I don’t know madam, I have been hard since yesterday after you left and had sex thrice with my wife last night imagining you and it was thrilling. Today morning I did her again twice leaving her speechless. See madam even now I am hard. Can we please do once more”?

I said “I am really tired because of you and if you don’t once more, I will surely pass out here. Then you do the explaining to Mary”. He kept quiet and brought the dress and we did trials.

We were just in time when Mary walked in on us because it was lunch time. I saw you had not called so to buy time I told Mary “I have asked Rizwan to make some changes so I will take time. You go for lunch, I will call you after I am done”.

She whispered something in Rizwan’s ears and left. I asked him what she said, he replied “Mary told me to stop getting naughty with you”. I was shocked that she had found out about me and Rizwan.

Anyway Rizwan took me back inside the room and begged me to do once more. I like him so I agreed. This time we had sex standing, he was bouncing me on his cock as if I was a doll till the end for a very long time.

After he came, he lowered me. I was so tired that I could barely stand. He made me lie down on the temporary bed and left. I saw the time and I was nearly 2.30pm and you still did not call.

About 15minutes later Rizwan came to me and asked “madam how are you feeling now”? I said “much better”. Even before I completed talking he mounted me again going full speed like earlier.

I said *Rizwan, I cannot handle this. I am really tired”. He said “madam, please please one last time only” and continued. Then by 3pm you called, I asked Rizwan “how much time you need”?

He said “only ten more minutes madam”, I told you to come in 30mins thinking I would also get some rest. Rizwan continued like a machine and I have never had so many orgasms ever before.

He finished just 10minutes before you reached and called me. We quickly cleaned up and got ready. I said “Rizwan if you are going to do like today then I will never come again”.

He said “madam I am sorry, I have never seen anyone as beautiful and sexy as you, not even in the porn movies. See I am hard again”. I said “Rizwan you need to find another way because I cannot handle your appetite”.

He said “madam please understand, earlier Mary used to come 2-3 times everyday, since 1 week she has also stopped. What can I do now”? I said “please find someone else because I cannot handle you alone”.

Now my phone rang and you called and I rushed out of there. Rizwan kept begging me to come back tomorrow, I left without answering. You know the rest”. I asked “so what do you want to do about Rizwan then”?

Uma said “I have his number, I will call him tomorrow morning after Mary leaves and then decide”. Uma was already stroking my cock now, she asked “do you want to go to the pub tonight”?

I said “but you only refused yesterday”. She said “forget yesterday, do you want to go today or not”? I said “yes I am ready”. She pulled me to my bathroom and we had a shower together along with one bout of crazy sex.

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