The old man kissed me with red lipstick on his lips


The old man kissed me with red lipstick on his lips

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When he woke up, it was around 12 noon. I opened my eyes and saw an elderly man sitting naked next to me and shaking his hand, he must be 60 years old.

Seeing him I pulled the sheet to expose my naked body. Burata told me don’t be afraid mamani. I am your father’s brother-in-law,

I mean your uncle. So what is my shame, you are like my daughter.
I asked where is the father?

Chude mama forcefully tore my bhodar koa

Uncle replied, your father went to the hospital to fetch your mother. It will be afternoon to come to Balls. And before leaving I was told to take care of you.

I could understand that Bura would fuck me. Then Bura put his hand on my chest, he got more courage when I was silent. He took off his clothes and said to me,

Look how my mother is Barata? I see Barata is better than father. At first he spit in my mouth and put me in his arms.

Bura said to me, Mamni this is Kol Chuda. I will fuck you all the time. Saying this, he turned around to give me a pat on the lap.

I felt very good. Bad but the guy has a lot of sex. After that he sat me on my dressing table and started fucking me.

She said, mommy calls it table fuck, after about 30 minutes of fucking like this, she took out the material inside my vagina.

I felt severe pain all over my body. After some time, Bura Chachar’s door was closed again. He said mamani now I will teach you some more cuda.

I forced my hand and said uncle I feel so bad I can’t do it anymore. Who listens to whom?

Lying next to me, he put his dick in my vagina and started to fuck. I lay there as dull as a stone, I don’t know when I fell asleep.

Uncle woke me up at 4 pm, told me to freshen up. Father and mother will return in the afternoon. I got up quickly and took a long shower.

I cleaned the house. I went to the kitchen and saw a packet of biryani. I understood that my uncle brought it, I was very happy. So the meal was over. After fixing everything, I went to the drawing room and sat. It was 5.30 minutes.

Uncle saw me and asked if I was eating. I nodded yes. Uncle asked me to sit next to him.

I sat next to him. He held me and started squeezing my milk. I interrupted and said please shut up or I will scream.

I don’t know why I did this but uncle was shocked by my words. He didn’t do anything else, just sat in a sullen mood.

I began to think silently what happened to me. What do I do now? I was crying a lot. I could not understand what to do.

Suddenly the calling bell rang. Maybe mom and dad are coming. I went to open the gate. I opened the gate and saw my father carrying a shopping bag.

Dad entered the house and locked the door. When I asked where my mother was, my father pulled me close and put his hand on my chest to squeeze the milk.

Your mom won’t come today. Mamake was released today. So mom went to uncle’s house. Will come tomorrow afternoon. I don’t know why I was so happy to hear that. Father asked where is uncle. I said in the drawing room.

After that, Abbu went to the drawing room to talk to his uncle. I went to my room and started wearing Sue Sue Novel.

After some time, my father called me. i went My father asked me whether I had a good acquaintance with my uncle?

I said yes.

Again, father said this afternoon, are you misbehaving with your uncle?

I did not say anything, I remained silent.

Again, my father made me sit on his lap. Then he said, you don’t have to be rude to the teachers. Now apologize to your uncle.

I said sorry uncle, uncle again sat next to father smiling and pulled me from father’s lap and sat on his lap and started squeezing my milk. Dad smiled and said,

Mama Vagni Choti

Bhaijan your habit comes as before. Uncle started laughing. Abbu told me that earlier, father and uncle used to go to Khanki Paraa at the same time and 2 of them would fuck a girl together. Dad said mommy tonight we two brothers will fuck you too.

I jokingly said that you two brothers are going to fuck me, am I not? Now uncle stopped pumping my milk and said,

Magi knows what to do. I said, Ai bura khanki’s pola tar ma magi, tar ma khanki, I am uncle saying this.

I spit in my face. Uncle wanted this thing. He stuck out his tongue, I spat back.

All this time my father was watching me and his brother. He said again, Mamni come this way. As I left, he handed me the shopping bag and said,

Go get it later. Uncle said to wear it here but father forbade. And said that after this I should keep my hair down, put red lipstick on my lips.

I went to my room and opened my bag to see a set of dark green bra and panty. But bra panties have very little fabric and all the laces.

I took off my clothes and put on my bra panty, everything was visible except my nipples, pimples, and bhodar fak. I untied my hair,

I put red lipstick on my lips. I look like a 3x Khanki. I wrapped a towel around my body and went to the drawing room.

Father and uncle are looking at me like greedy dogs. Abbu said, Mummy, do something, I am singing, you will open your towel to dance.

Saying this, Dad turned on the music channel. Shakira’s video song is showing on the channel. I also started dancing.

I turned around. So that father and uncle can see my tanpura-like ass well. I took off the towel I was wearing around my waist.

After that, I started to rub my ass, I turned around and saw my father and uncle looking at me like a hungry dog.

banglar panu golpo uncle’s daughter’s bhoda red

I sat on the couch with 2 people and started touching my father and uncle’s bara lungi. 2 people grabbed my milk and started squeezing it.

Then the uncle pressed my milk and said, Look Jamal, I was not telling you to give your beer, just as your wife looks like a seasoned khanki, but her daughters are also like that.

I’ve never had the fun of fucking your wife, my head spins after listening to them.

I asked, what are you saying, uncle, are you cheating on my mother?

Abbu inserted a finger in my mouth and said, “Yes, mother, my brother-in-law, that is, your uncle, has also fucked your mother with pleasure.”

I said wow dad, then there is no problem if mom finds out about you, me and uncle’s sex, right dad?

I wonder what the father said, no mamani, your mother should not know these things.

I said, it’s okay, father.

Uncle said again, what the hell, Jamal, come on, fuck Khankit.

Saying this he put me on his lap and slapped me 2/3 hard on my side. I said in pain, this Khanki’s son, it does not hurt, Salar Bura, saying that I took his mouth and started sucking.

I began to give light light sex to my uncle. Uncle started saying comfortably, Chus Magi, Chus Khanki, aj tar bhoda fatamu.

Again 2 people hung me and took me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. Now uncle set bara in my bhoda,

And Abbu sat on my chest and started pounding my mouth. And down below, my uncle began to beat my Bhoda.

I was comfortably insane. Again father started fucking me doggy style, and uncle started sucking my milk. This went on for 30 minutes.

If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 7

Then he teased me and held his bara in front of my face, and Chacha Bhoda started fucking. Dad started hitting me inside the mouth and said,

Oooo this mom…. My little girl, chus ah ah ah I’m coming. Saying this, the material inside my mouth came out.

I obligingly swallowed the whole thing. Again, uncle hit me from below

Then he grabbed me and let out the contents of my stomach while making the sound of ahhh ahhh ahhh. After that all 3 of us were tired and slept… With red lipstick on my lips, the old man washed my face.

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