The son-in-law licked the mother-in-law’s juice as soon as it came to the pot


The son-in-law licked the mother-in-law’s juice as soon as it came to the pot

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I am Rita Sen, the story writer of ‘Chatti Kahani’. With the encouragement of my husband, I have been writing stories for quite some time, from some personal experiences,

From the experience heard by some husbands, the rest has to be modeled by different characters for the needs of the story. Now I will talk about the story,

Much of it is true. The rest is for the story. Readers will surely understand how much is true and how much is fantasy.

Husband is out many days of the month due to work, during that time my only recourse is chatty stories. Our love is marriage,

That’s why from the beginning we were transparent about everything. There was no hiding. After marriage Abhik and I went to Goa for honeymoon.

It also has a story. Abhi wanted to go to Kasmir, I told Abhi I will go after Kasmir, you just let me get down to Goa once.

I will return home with more income than the expenses. Abhik understands my hint and goes away laughing. air fare,

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Booking at the hotel, the agent there arranges everything. On the way to the plane I said to Abhik – ‘The cost from the time of leaving the house to the time of return,

Pai Pai will keep the calculation, see if the honeymoon is a profit or a loss. We were in Goa for six days, and met the agent straight away from the airport.

The client was ready. I booked a cab and reached his hotel straight away. Agent and Abhik were with me. Two hour program.

In six days I took about twenty bulls, all foreigners, only one Indian. I still talk to one,

Barry Redmond, six-and-a-half feet tall and muscular, booked me for a night after one day of sex.

He spanked me four times that night and gave me back pain. Still calls and compliments my thick long hair very much.”

Know that long haired lady is rarely seen in Europe. “Many more things happen with him, I will tell that story another day.

Look, I wanted to say one thing, but I went to another topic. Although the incident is completely true. And returned home with double what it cost.

Now let’s talk about what I wanted to talk about.

My father died when I was in class six, as my mother was working and my father’s savings were good.

That’s why mom and I were in sync. I met Abhik a year before marriage. The trouble started from then.

Ever since seeing my mother, Abhik used to discuss more about my mother than me. I will give my mother’s description here.

Mother’s name is Latika. Five and a half feet in height, deep navel. Even at this age, the pubic hair, and so the hair. A pillow is not needed for sleeping while still sleeping.

The most interesting is the mother’s bhuvan bhulano pacha, which can’t be finished hearing how many people have put bricks in their desire to get the pacha.

Ever since I was a teenager, I realized that my mother was very sexy. Abhik buried the last nail in my thoughts, after my marriage.

Abhish kept humming to my ear, when you are hungry like you put food in your stomach through mouth

In the same way, your girls get another hunger, which when inserted through the vagina, not only the stomach but also the burning of the body is satisfied.

He understood, but how to tell the mother?

You are a naughty cudi, the hungry mother is dying, and the daughter is saying, what can I say? Come to your mother’s house tomorrow, you discuss sex with your mother.

Talk to Latika directly in front of me. Say your son-in-law has an opinion on this matter.

Oh go, what about Allad, if I say it, my mother will fall asleep.

Don’t look at it as you say, the mother-in-law who doesn’t get the opportunity to have sex can’t stay.

I also wanted there to be some arrangement for the mother, how long will Upshi stay with the vagina. The next day I went to my mother’s house, she had just taken a bath.

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The hair was drying with a hair dryer. Wear a thin nighty. No one will tell the mother’s age of 45 years. I told everything to mother. Even if my mother didn’t say it, I understood that my mother has sixteen wishes.

Is it possible to accept what you are saying? My son-in-law is in a relationship with Abhik.

Abhik: Mom let me tell you a truth, which Rita also knows. When I go home to the country, my mother Anuradha is my bedmate.

I now call mother Anuradha by her name. Ma says wasting the rest of your life for the sake of a relationship is a sin.

Saying all this, Abhik did not make any pretense and handed over his mother’s nightie and continued his tongue. A misty smell emanates from the newly bathed mother’s pussy filled with sand.

Abhik is sucking his mother’s pussy with two fingers. At this leisure I am taking out the ram led by Abhishek and making it stand up.

Abhik languished his mother and without any pretense, he inserted his penis into her tight pussy and released it. Ma was not ready to take Abhik’s sheep so suddenly.

As soon as Abhik inserted his cock, the whole body of the mother was cut. Mother closed her eyes, grabbed Abhik’s hair and said,

” Ahh feeling.. ummm don’t slow down. Ah, it seems.
Abhik smiled a little hearing his mother’s words. Then he said, “After a while everything will be fine, Latika darling, many days

Achoda Gud is so, come now take my tap to give me a waist lift. I can’t be with you anymore.”

Then, while inserting his mother’s vagina, Abhik shifted his waist in a missionary position and started pounding his mother.

The strength of that bed was so much, mother was holding the bed sheet with one hand and holding Abhik’s back with the other hand somehow managing the moments of shock.

Abhik used to caress me for a little while, but when he found Khanki Magi, as beautiful as his mother, in bed, Abhik could no longer wear the mask of his modesty.

Abhik started to enjoy his mother’s body to the extreme from the beginning, along with Asrav Khisti. Which mother is enjoying with a sly smile.

One stroke of Abhik, the way it falls on the mother’s pussy, the whole body is shaking with the mother’s breasts.

Mother asked Abhik half a time to fuck gently, Abhik did not listen to that, “Chodangini (Chodangini) magi don’t satipona during sex.”

Abhik’s dream is very clear, from now on he wants to keep his mother-in-law and his own mother as his guardian. If Abhik wants, from now on, he will caress his mother openly in public places as well.

As the floor fell, Mao confessed her long-cherished dream. “Abhik, you make me twelve, honey”

My mother’s hobby is long-standing, I have heard my mother say many times in front of her friends, “What is the price of this form of youth?” If I could not be a twelve-year-old.

Abhik is going to fuck mother in the same rhythm. Even after half an hour, when Abhik did not want to leave mother, then mother said in a tired voice, “Uff ahh I can’t anymore.” Take advantage now, Abhik.”

“It won’t be so easy today darling, you can see how hot I am today.” It will take a little longer to calm down today darling.”

My mother strongly objected to this proposal. “What are you talking about, Rita, I haven’t hit my hips for more than fifteen years, if Abhik’s mace-like cock suddenly enters my hips, do you understand what can happen?”

In these cases, no man or woman listens to any objection, does not give importance. Rather, it is very common to be beaten by the hair, kicked out of the house.

I didn’t have to beat less. Abhik fucked my ass more and more mercilessly night after night in painful ass. In this case, Abhik took out the camel from his mother’s vagina.

Told mom to sleep in doggy style. Mother does not agree to anything. Abhik didn’t even hold a handful of his mother’s hair, didn’t say anything with a whisper, Abhik just made him come close to his mother’s ear and said ”

My mother is Anuradha, but she never minded to be spanked.” That’s enough, what happens when you flaunt one girl’s reputation in front of another girl,

Mother and her are no different, Bayan knows how to beat the hips, after hearing this, mother agreed to beat the hips.

I know the use of coconut oil is inevitable in this case. Before anyone could say anything, I fetched a bottle of coconut oil from the bathroom.

Abhik has started to lick the nipples of his mother’s ass. “Rita, come on mom, there’s a bottle of chocolate sauce in the fridge, bring it.”

I see that there is no shortage of sake for father, mother, and son-in-law.

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When the son-in-law hits the hips of the mother-in-law, how to lick the dry hips?

Abhik is pouring the sauce over mom’s ass, rolling it as it comes to mom’s pussy, Abhik Sudha

It is being licked like a drink.
It is needless to say that mother Latika is enjoying heaven with her son-in-law.

Applying oil to the mother’s hips, when the unruly camel was tied, the mother was really in pain. Mother’s luck is very good.

A little while ago, Abhik fucked his mother for half an hour. So he couldn’t spank his mother’s ass for more than five or seven minutes.

Both of them went to bed exhausted, but this is where the story started. It’s a big episode because both my mother-in-law Anuradha and my mother Latika stay at our house as Abhish’s guardians.

Although mother and Latika are in love, mother wanders around Barovatari, sometimes for her son-in-law.

Mother has to be beaten and eaten.

The most surprising thing is, I, mother, mother-in-law all three have tied their stomachs with the benefit of Abhik. The son-in-law licked the mother-in-law’s juice as soon as it came to the pot

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