Fucked a girl who met me on social media


Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fucked a girl who met me on social media – Hot Girl Xxx Fuck“. I am sure you all will love it.

The pleasure of Hot Girl Xxx Fuck was given to me by a girl whom I had wooed through Facebook. Within two weeks of our friendship, she was under my penis on the bed in the hotel room.

Friends, I Karan once again present my sex story.

This Hot Girl Xxx Fuck is about me and my friend Aisha, which I got from Facebook.

Before starting the story, I would like to tell you about myself.
You already know my name, Karan. Although this is a changed name.

I am from Uttar Pradesh, but I have been living in Gurgaon for the last 18 years.

I am normal-looking.
My height is five and a half feet and the size of my penis is 6 inches long and it is quite thick.

I have fucked many girls and satisfied all of them. It was just some time ago when I had to go to Durg for office work.

During that time, I had sent a friend request to a girl whose name was Aisha on Facebook.
She also accepted. (Hot Girl Xxx Fuck)

Didn’t talk to Aisha much as she was busy with office work for a day or two.

Then I had to return from there.
I had booked my ticket.

When it was time to leave, I boarded the train and turned on Facebook on my phone.

Some notifications appeared from the front and I messaged Aisha. After some time her reply came and the conversation slowly progressed.

Seeing the right opportunity, I asked her for her phone number.
After a little tantrum, she gave me her number.

Now our conversation started on WhatsApp.

There is always a network issue on the train, so there was not much conversation that day. I reached Gurgaon and started talking to her.

During our conversation, I told her about myself that I sing songs and also write poetry etc.
She liked this thing about me.

I even sang songs for her.
In this way, we started talking daily.

I also wrote some poetry for her and recited it to her on the call.
She was quite impressed.

Similarly, 4-5 days passed.

Then I asked her to meet me and she said – I would meet you but after some time.

I did not force her at that time and kept talking normally.

One day I dreamed of her in a filmy style that if there was a place where only the two of us were there and romantic piano music was playing in the background, then I would hold your hand the whole day and keep reciting poetry to you.

She laughed.

Then I asked her – Which is such a place?
She told – There is only one place like this… Hotel!

Understanding the urgency of the occasion, I asked her to come to a hotel.

That day she immediately agreed.
Maybe she was just waiting for me to say something.

Then both of us chose a day at our convenience and made a plan to enjoy sex together.

I wrote a lot of poetry so that I could recite it to her. The time has come when I tell you something about Aisha. (Hot Girl Xxx Fuck)

Aisha’s height is 5 feet 4 inches.
Her skin colour is fair, her eyes are protected by glasses.

She is very beautiful. Her figure will be 32-30-34.
If someone sees it from the front, at least once he will feel like getting fucked.

Because when I saw her for the first time, I too felt the same way.

Had come wearing tight jeans and a black T-shirt.
What a doom it felt like, I can’t explain it in words.

Days passed and that day came.
I started thinking of making her feel something special.

I bought rose leaves to spread on the bed.

I also took a red zero-watt bulb for the room and two candles… so that I could make the room as romantic as possible. I had already bought condoms.

She arrived at the appointed time and place and I went to pick her up.
I had already gone to the hotel and made the payment… all that was left was to provide the ID.

Took her to the hotel and both of us checked in by giving our IDs.
After check-in, I asked her to wait in the bathroom and completely decorated the room as I had planned.

I removed the normal bulb from the table lamp and replaced it with the red bulb I had brought.

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I lit a candle on the table nearby and I had taken my portable speaker with me, so I played romantic piano music on it. I spread rose leaves on the bed. (Hot Girl Xxx Fuck)

The room looked very romantic.

Then I called her out of the bathroom and she was very happy to see me.
We both hugged and I kissed her on the forehead.

As both of us had planned, I made her sit near me kept her head in my lap and started reciting poetry to her.

After reciting some poetry her eyes became moist. I kissed her again and while kissing, we both started moving forward.

I started kissing her neck and my hands started moving to her boobs; I started pressing them.

I started pressing her Big Boobs over her clothes.

Her breathing also started becoming faster; Her hot breath was falling on my neck due to which my excitement was increasing.

I started putting more pressure on her boobs.

Her sounds started coming out and she started making my hands squeeze her boobs with her hands, ahh ahh.

Slowly I put my hand inside her T-shirt and started caressing her waist and back.
Within some time, I started pressing her boobs again.

Her hot breath and her ‘ahhh hmm ahhh…’ sounds were making me very excited.

Seeing the opportunity, I slowly removed her T-shirt and also removed her bra. Her bubbling boobs were looking very sensual. I bent down and caressed one of her boobs with my lips.

She raised her boob and put her milk in my mouth and now she was enjoying the pleasure of getting her nipples sucked by my lips. (Hot Girl Xxx Fuck)

She wore only jeans. She looked like a painting in just jeans, boobfeeding me.

I slowly started sucking her boobs completely and also biting them lightly due to which she started emitting light and sweet painful sighs.

I moved from her boobs to her stomach and started kissing her to her navel.

On the other hand, she was moaning while caressing her boobs with both her hands and was trying to put her navel in my mouth by raising her Big Ass.

Slowly I went further down and opened the button of her jeans.

Due to the opening of the button of the jeans, its zip also got opened, so I moved its zip down with the help of one of my fingers. Now her red-coloured panty was visible.

I kept pulling down her jeans while kissing her. As her jeans went down, my kisses also went down.

Within no time, I completely removed both her jeans and panty from her body and placed my tongue on her pussy and started tasting it.

Such a velvety pussy, so soft that I felt like eating it more than just sucking it. Along with my tongue, I also inserted a finger into her pussy and started moving the finger in and out.

She was pressing my head on her pussy and I was also fully engaged in tasting her pussy.

There was a different intoxication in the juice of her pussy… I was enjoying licking her pussy more than fucking her. (Hot Girl Xxx Fuck)

I went back towards her face and started kissing her lips.

Now she started removing my clothes also.
First, she took off the T-shirt, then took off all the other clothes.

Now both of us were completely naked and ready to merge into each other.

I once again started licking and tasting her pussy.
But this time both of us were in the state of 69.

My penis was in her mouth… and her pussy was in my mouth.

We both were sucking each other’s penis and pussy well.

Friends, when she started sucking my penis, I felt like I was going to pass out right away.
I was feeling in seventh heaven.

She was sucking my penis in such an intoxicating manner as if a child was sucking a lollipop.

We both sucked each other for a few minutes, then I came between her legs.
I applied a condom to my penis and set it on her pussy.

While making eye contact with her, I inserted my penis completely into her Tight Pussy in one go.

Since she had had sex many times before, the penis did not face much difficulty in going inside.

Still, her pussy had not been fucked many times so it was quite tight.
I was enjoying a lot in fucking her.

With each of my thrusts, her intoxicating voice was coming out ‘Aahhh hmm ahh ee ahh keep doing like this… more fast hmmm…’ (Hot Girl Xxx Fuck)

Hearing such sounds from her would fill me with more enthusiasm and I would start fucking her faster.

There were sounds of fuch-fuch and chat-chat in the entire room. The piano music playing in the background was taking sensuality to a different level.

I cannot describe that feeling, that moment in writing. Whatever it was… it was wonderful.

Then we both changed our positions and now she came on top of me.
I was buried under her.

She was moving up and down with her pussy stuck on my penis and her boobs were also bouncing. I held her boobs with both my hands and started pressing them and started pushing harder from below.

The speed of her bouncing started increasing which clearly showed that she was about to cum. After moving up and down for some more time, she cum with a loud noise and became loose.

I just changed her position while cradling my penis and now started fucking her in a missionary pose.

Her pussy had become very juicy, so I took out my penis, pulled her to the edge of the bed and made her a bitch. I stood under the bed and started moving my penis in and out of her pussy. (Hot Girl Xxx Fuck)

It was going to take about 20 minutes for us to have sex.
Now I also felt that I could ejaculate at any time.

I increased the speed of fucking.
After the next few minutes of fucking, we both cum together.

After orgasm, we both lay down in each other’s arms. After resting for some time, we both had lunch and talked about some romantic things.

When the mood was set, the sex phase started once again.
This time the fucking lasted for more than half an hour.

After that, we both took a bath, put on our clothes and checked out from the hotel.

After coming out, I called a cab left her near her house and went to my house.

So, friends, this was my Hot Girl Xxx Fuck!
How did you like it, please tell me in the comment section.

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