bangla chodar golpo father and my two mothers sex


bangla chodar golpo father and my two mothers sex

My family members are me (18), my two younger sisters (14 and 2), my mother (40) and my father (45).

My father is a pious man, Huzur type. We are very afraid of father. My mother is also very afraid of my father. But Abba loves us a lot.

My mother is very beautiful. Even at this age he has kept himself very fit.

My father had a friend. He had a wife and a daughter. Abba has not met that friend for 5/6 years. Suddenly one day his wife came to our house with her daughter.

We were all at home that day. His daughter will be 5 years old, name Rupsa. But very cute girl. And that aunty was about 32 years old. Aunt’s name is Fatema. Aunty was very hot. Fair complexion and well built body.

But that day aunty came and started crying. Aunty knew that Abba was a very honest person. Dad might work something out.

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Aunty told her everything. Aunt’s husband means father’s friend or has it been different for 5 years. Now a total addict.

He spends all the money of the family on addiction, he is not willing to pay for his daughter’s education.

Besides, there is torture on mother and daughter. And now he comes home every two or three weeks. Most of the time no one knows where they are.

Aunty started crying talking about her grief. My mother also had a lot of affection for aunty. Amma hugged aunty and started comforting her.

Abba told Aunty that he would find a solution.

Aunty left that day. That night, when I came from the bathroom, I saw the lights on in my father’s room. I understood that father and mother are now mating. bangla chodar golpo father and my two mothers sex

I have seen their intercourse through the cracks of the door. I peeked through the crack in the door today.

Both father and mother are completely naked. Amma is lying with her legs crossed, Abba is leaning on Amma luxuriantly and Abba is driving his huge penis between Amma’s fair thighs.

But today I noticed that they were also talking about Fatima aunty during intercourse.

They were thinking how to solve this issue of Aunty. I saw that my mother was more worried about Aunty than my father, I think that my mother really had a crush on Aunty. And Amma is very saddened by the news of Aunty’s suffering.

Father was talking about Aunty while Amma was having intercourse, at that time Amma wanted to give a solution that what would happen if the man divorced the man and came to our house with Aunty and her daughter.

Then aunty and her daughter will not have to endure torture anymore.

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Abba said as the waist fluctuated, but look at Rokhsana! We can do it because our thoughts are honest.

But now if a divorced Rupavati woman has come to another man’s world, what will the neighbors say? People might think that I have an illicit relationship with Fatima, otherwise why am I letting her stay?

Neither I nor Dad were prepared for what Amma said next.

Amma said, you should marry Fatima and take her home as your wife and keep Rupsa as your daughter, only then I think all problems will be solved.

Fatema will also get rid of all her sorrows and Rupsa will get a chance to start her studies again.

I was totally surprised to hear my mother’s words. I saw my father not saying anything. Abba Komar continues to fluctuate. Amma said, seeing father being silent, say something.

I can’t see Fatema’s suffering anymore, please marry her. And Fatima is a very beautiful girl, I hope you will be happy if you get her as a wife. bangla chodar golpo father and my two mothers sex

Abba still didn’t say anything but stopped by thrusting something huge into Amma’s vagina. Both were silent like this for some time. Then Abba took out his penis from Amma’s vagina and laid on her side.

Amma’s vagina was still gaping. When I saw it, I felt a huge hole, after a while mom’s vagina started to roll out of my father’s white lump. Ish! Abba has not done Amma’s vagina.

Abba opened his mouth, see what you are saying is very logical. And I think there is no better solution than this to free Fatima and her daughter.

Amma Bhishan was happy with father’s words.

I knew Abbar would agree. Because Abba Hujur is a man of nature, so is Amma. For them, multiple marriages of men seem normal. And father was also quite rich. He will not have any problem running a family with so many members.

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The next day, Fatima aunty was called again. Abbar did not meet Aunty that day. It was decided to give the proposal to Amma.

On that day, Amma did a lot for Aunty, later Amma told Aunty about her proposal. Aunty was very happy after hearing Amma’s words.

He started kissing Amma’s feet after Amma’s feet. Amma quickly picked him up and hugged him. Amma, don’t look like this, you have to dress up as a new wife.

A few days later, the man got divorced with Fatima aunty. Aunty and Rupsa came to our house.

On that day, Kazi was called to our house and the marriage ceremony of aunt with father was completed. Amma decorated Aunty with her own hands as a new wife. Wearing red sari and jewelry.

Dad’s golden Punjabi. Abba’s face is stern, but I can understand how happy he is inside. Because father is very excited inside to get a young and beautiful woman of his own age as his wife.

At night, father and his new wife were decorated with flowers. I sneaked in the night and peeped through the keyhole of the door and saw their flower arrangement. bangla chodar golpo father and my two mothers sex

So far I have seen the union scene of Abba and Amma many times. But for the first time in my life, I saw the intercourse of another woman with my father. Others were sleeping. Abba became fully naked and started mating Aunty completely naked.

Seeing from a distance, I could understand that Aunty’s vagina was very tight, because it was a little difficult to move the penis in Aunty’s vagina than it was easier for Abba to move his penis in Amma’s vagina.

I realized that maybe her previous husband didn’t like her, or her penis was small, so Aunty’s vagina is still tight like a virgin girl. Amma, on the other hand, has been taking Dad’s huge penis in her vagina for 18 years, so Amma’s vagina is now loose.

I was more surprised when I saw that suddenly blood started coming out from aunt’s vagina. Aunty grabbed Dad’s back and screamed.

When Abba looked down and saw the blood, his face was filled with joy as if he had actually cut the Satiparda of a virgin’s vagina.

Dad took out his penis to wipe aunty’s vagina with his handkerchief, I saw that aunty’s pussy was huge and bloody.

Abba carefully wiped the blood from Aunty’s vagina. Then he brought a towel and put it under aunty’s ass and again his penis entered her vagina and started to massage her like a waist machine.

Abba had intercourse with his new wife for about an hour that day. Abba conquers his new wife on the first night with the magic of his huge penis.

I noticed that tears of joy were rolling down aunty’s eyes and the juices of her and father’s first love were rolling down her gaping vagina.

Our new family. Rupsa and my younger sister Tumpa and Ira sleep in one room. Amma and aunty live in separate rooms.

Abba spends four days of the week with Amma and the remaining three days with Aunty. And here I am, at least twice a week at night watching Sangam scenes through the door. Sometimes father does it to mother or sometimes to aunty.

Dad is very happy with his new beautiful wife. He saved her from her previous lustful husband and made her his wife.

He has a daughter who is now his own daughter. Although Abba sees Rupsa as his own daughter. But even if the married wife does not have children of her own birth, then there is not so much happiness.

So after about a month and a half after aunt’s marriage with father, father’s aunt conceived him.

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Both mom and dad are very happy with the news that aunty is pregnant. Mother is more happy. Aunty is not allowed to do any work, and aunty has to be taken care of.

After 9 months, Aunty Abba’s first fruit of love gave birth to a son. Abba is happy, mother is also happy.

Mother loves her stepson more than aunty. When the baby starts crying when the aunt goes to take a bath, the mother puts her nipple on the baby’s mouth to stop the crying.

He now sleeps with his younger wife four days a week, happy to have a son from his paternal aunt. For these four days, Amma herself kept her stepson in her own house so that there would be no problem between father and aunt. The family of father’s two wives and 5 children started living happily and peacefully. bangla chodar golpo father and my two mothers sex

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