indian panu golpo story of buri cuda – Bhimrati in old age


indian panu golpo story of buri cuda – Bhimrati in old age

Pritimoy and his daughter-in-law Brinda are a bit pious in nature. Most of their life they followed this religion. But now in old age Pritimoy has delusions.

One day, suddenly seeing Panu on the mobile, his sexual desire increased. But at this old age he was powerless to do anything, though his wife was much younger than him.

She is now 63, and her husband is 49. Her husband still had the oil of youth on him, any man would not let go if given the chance.

From that day he became addicted to water and must have killed the bull two or three times by eating Shilajit. But he was not satisfied at all.

Baba Niren’s ashram was next to their house. They used to go there all the time. Neeren practiced asceticism all his life. Only God was his companion in his 52 years of life.

The people of the society knew it. And Niren himself knows how difficult it is to keep the sex drive under control. Even though he took sannyas, he could not be freed from lust.

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This is how he spent so many years. Lately he is suffering a lot because of the woman next door. When he bathes in the pond, Niren does not spend a day without seeing him in that state.

This is how he has controlled his passion in the imagination of some woman for so many years. But he never wanted to go outside his monastic religion and fuck anyone. He is satisfied by killing a bull, his own hand is Jagannath.

It has been a long time since evening, and it seems that no one will come to the ashram. He is eagerly waiting for killing the bull since afternoon. And you couldn’t stand it. indian panu golpo story of buri cuda – Bhimrati in old age

Finally, without wasting any more time, he went behind the temple and started weaving in the imagination of the woman next door. Since they had gone to the city that day, the lovers entered the ashram a little late on their way back.

The temple is open but no one is there. They thought maybe Neeren was in the back room. They stopped as they went a little further.

They could not believe what they were seeing. But Niren has no idea. The lovers left there not being able to witness that crime.

It must have been a thunderbolt against their religious beliefs. They found it hard to believe that they had never known a hypocrite saint like Neeren. Preetimoy and his wife didn’t discuss it much, though it was the only thing on their minds.

It’s around 2 am. Pritimaya’s eyes are not getting sleep. He wakes up with a new sexual urge. Maybe Niren Kunjre has seen his wife so many times.

And maybe his wife did not understand anything. These thoughts seemed to give him great pleasure. As if he wants Niren to fuck his wife. His imagination was getting deeper.

The unsatisfied feeling she felt in the field of sex for so long was the fact that her husband didn’t want to fuck her.

Would it be satisfying to see his wife being fucked by a stranger? This time he seriously reviewed this idea and thought about it all night and made a plan.

Pritimaya went to the Ashram in the morning. He told Neeren what happened last night. Hearing that, Niren’s hand on his head.

He was feeling very shy until Pritimaya presented his proposal. Neeren was so overcome with lust that he agreed to be involved in his lover’s misdeeds. After all the talks between them were settled, Pritimoy returned home.

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Brinda: Where did you go?

Pritimaya: In the ashram.

Brinda: Why? We should not go there again to that ungodly hypocrite.

Pritimoy: That’s what I wanted to know. I wanted to know him face to face.

Brinda: What did you say?

Pritimaya: Our little mind is the go-brinda. Babaji actually started Bhairav ​​Sadhana. He has to do it as per his rules. indian panu golpo story of buri cuda – Bhimrati in old age

Brinda: Really? Shit! And what were we thinking? God forgive us.

Pritimoy: Babaji is now in the final stages of his pursuit. But they say that the efforts so far will fail.

Brinda: Why go?

Preetimay: In fact, as a final step, he has to have sex. But he is hesitant about it.

Brinda: Ish! So strict ritual!

Preetimoy: Hmm. Well, can’t we help a little?

Brinda: But how?

Pritimaya: If we can then our life is worthwhile. But how can I tell you.

Brinda: Don’t speak.

Preetimoy: No I mean. You do not accompany him sexually.

Brinda: What are you saying?

Pritimaya: How much merit will we earn by fulfilling his sadhana. I give you permission as your husband.

Brinda was completely ambivalent. He was silent for a while and nodded his agreement. Pritimaya did not have an address for Anand.

Pritimoy: I will give the proposal to Babaji and see what he says.

From that day Pritimaya started giving Ayurvedic Shatavari medicine to Brinda. It is determined that after 5 days, the Sadhana will be completed on Saturday evening.

Preetimoy instructs her daughter-in-law to make Babaji look like a heavenly nymph and then the whole sex game will continue. Brinda’s excitement was increasing as the days progressed.

In their married life, they did not have much sex, although he wanted to in the beginning. He could not even try to keep lust away from virtue. Maybe this is God’s will.

Finally Saturday evening came. Neeren’s latent desire will be fulfilled today. In fact, at a young age he became a monk because of the fear of girls and did not marry.

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But he realized that it was a big mistake. And Tagore is waiting in the temple. Pritimoy came in first and sat on the nearby chair.

But soon he got up and opened his lungi and sat down again. Neeren noticed that his bull was standing still. There is no conversation, both are silent. Didn’t have to wait long. Brinda entered the room.

What is this! Oops! Wonderful! Niren stood up overwhelmed. Brinda is almost transparent in an ocher cloth, the blouse-sheath inside is clearly visible. indian panu golpo story of buri cuda – Bhimrati in old age

Brinda realized that Neeren liked this form of Brinda when her cock peeked out from under the ocher dhoti. Her bosom was gushing with impatience for her near future.

As Pritimoy had taught her, she moved her waist, moved her chest and danced a little bit. There was an earthquake in her breasts. It was a pure feeling, scene for Neeren.

The first of his life. Sala! What are the hips of Brindar! Never seen Vrinda so attractive before. That’s why, to be honest, he was a little hesitant to do this with her.

If he had to break the sannyas, he would do it with a good woman, he thought. But he was completely wrong. Luck was good and agreed to Pritimaya’s proposal.

Brinda slowly swayed her waist and lifted the saree up to her waist and exposed her bosom full of balls. Neeren is totally excited.

Brinda sat on the nearby altar and beckoned Niren to come closer. As Neeren approached her, the two started kissing on their lips.

Pritimaya was waiting for this. Her hand started moving on his cock already. Meanwhile, to Brinda’s surprise, Dhiren starts licking her lap.

What a heavenly feeling! Pritimaya never did this to her. Brinda was humming a little with joy. Niren licked the kiss for a long time with satisfaction.

He noticed that Brinda’s nipples were peeking out from under the anchal. Immediately she stood up and pulled the saree open.

Then he concentrated on feeding Mai. He was playing with the tip of the teats with his tongue and biting at times. Brinda never had such a feeling.

Everything is happening with God’s blessings. He is completely clumsy like this. So everything was going on under Niren’s direction. Now Niren threw off his dhoti and signaled Vrinda to step back.

Brinda was placed on the altar and the ram sat on her lap from behind. He smeared the ram with milk juice and filled the slippery hole. Oops! What a feeling! What warmth! He had not been spilling anything in his hands for a long time.

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As Brinda’s murmur was increasing in Neeren’s beat, so was the speed of Pritimay’s beating. But he could not last long. His goods came out, but he felt an impossible satisfaction after so long.

Meanwhile Niren was tearing Brinda’s lap with excitement. Both of them were having a lot of fun. Finally he released his goods like a fountain in her lap.

It stayed like that for a while on Brinda. Then he brought out the ram and Vrinda also stood up. Both are very tired. For so long, they had no idea that the house was lovely.

On returning there, they saw that Pritimoy was lying on the chair. Leaving him there, the two went to the bedroom. Tired of being naked, they lay down on the bed. indian panu golpo story of buri cuda – Bhimrati in old age

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