bondhur bon chodar golpo friend’s magi sister name is her shadow


bondhur bon chodar golpo friend’s magi sister name is her shadow

Hi friends I am Monir today I bring you a new chatty story. Let’s get started then.

I was 26 years old at that time, one day I went to the house of a younger brother of a familiar area in the evening. I go and see that there is no one in the house, only her younger sister, Magi, has to say something.

As beautiful as the figure, how old will this seventeen years be? Anyway, I was knocking the door, at that time he came and opened the door and said there is no one at home, brother, and I forgot to say his name is Chaya, my Chaya Magi.

I said where have all gone and entered the house, seeing Magi I got goosebumps, I started talking to Chhaya.

After talking for a while I suddenly grabbed Chhaya and threw him on the bed and started kissing him, Chhaya could not find any direction. Suddenly he screamed loudly and I let him go.

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I got scared and came out of their house, I thought that my liver was dry because I was afraid to tell everyone, but after a few days nothing happened, I understood and didn’t tell anyone.

One day I went to her bari in the evening and there was no one at home, Chhaya saw Am and opened the door and then said why did you come again? bondhur bon chodar golpo friend’s magi sister name is her shadow

I said I came to tell you sorry. Then I took Or’s hand and said, but I saw how she was smiling, I couldn’t understand what Magi wanted, this time I held Magi and kissed her on the lips and started pressing the two small milks.

Oof Magi is floating in the tide of sex. I didn’t do anything else that day. I gave my number to Chhaya and told her to call me if there is no one in Bari. After three days, I received a call from a number. running

Chaya opened the door by knocking on the door and I grabbed her and threw her on the bed and took off all the clothes.

Then I started to drink her milk, started to lick her whole body, slowly went down and started to lick her bhoda, bhoda mala was very sticky and I licked all the material.

Then I put my dhon in her mouth and she is sucking the dhon like a real magi, now I set the dhon in her bhoda, the bhoda is very small.

Chaya Magi cried out in pain, the veil was torn. I didn’t stop samane bhoda chude going after some time shadow and started having fun from below.

After about half an hour of fucking I poured the material in her bhoda, the chaya became soft and her material came out.

From then on, whenever we got time, we used to have sex sometimes at her house and sometimes at a hotel or at a friend’s empty house.

One day one of my friends saw everything and started blackmailing Amal if I don’t let her fuck Chhaya then she will tell everyone, what to do next and I took her as our partner.

Then one day I went to his house and Chhaya said that the three of them would have threesome sex. My friend, seeing Chhaya’s head, suddenly took off all her clothes

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Chhaya languished in front of her and me, then the friend pushed Chhaya on the bed and first started licking her cunt and I put chaya on her face and started sucking her milk with both hands.

Now the friend put his dhon in Chhaya’s mouth and then directly attacked Magi’s Bhoda, the friend has my power to say that he fucked Magi for forty five minutes.

Then it was my turn to fuck out of the shadow’s face, the three of them were swept away in the bliss of sex.

In this way, we used to have sex with Chaya Magi. If you like the story, stay with us, more stories are coming later. bondhur bon chodar golpo friend’s magi sister name is her shadow

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